Famed Harvard Geneticist George Church Tell Personal Story of Important Human Genome Reference Samples Housed at Coriell


The mothIn an episode of The Moth, a storytelling podcast, famed geneticist George Church, PhD, offered the personal history – including how he put his own skin in the game – of an important collection of reference materials, adopted by NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) and housed and distributed by the NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository at the Coriell Institute for Medical Research.

Dr. Church, a professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical, said his experience as the first patient (“guinea pig number 1” in his own words) in one of his own studies changed the way scientists approach the concept of informed consent and the sharing of a study participant’s data with them.

These samples, selected by the Genome in a Bottle Consortium, were largely derived from Personal Genome Project  samples (which are also housed at Coriell), are broadly consented, and therefore useful to scientists all around the globe for a wide array of applications.

Coriell is proud to be the repository of choice for these noteworthy collections and to be a trusted partner of Dr. Church, the Genome in a Bottle Consortium, the Personal Genome Project and federal agencies like NIST. 

To search these and other collections at Coriell, click here.

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