Shipment of Cell Cultures

Most Coriell Institute cell cultures (fibroblast, LCL, ect) are shipped as live cultures. These cultures have been recovered from frozen state into the appropriate medium and inspected to ensure adequate growth and freedom from contamination before distribution to customers. The purpose of the public cell repositories is to provide the “seed stock’ for cell cultures in the recipient’s laboratory. Therefore, cell lines should be cultured expanded as necessary and frozen down as soon as possible after receipt.

Arrangements can be made to ship large numbers of live cell cultures on a delayed shipping schedule to accommodate limited staffing and cell culture resources.

Under extraordinary circumstances an exception can be made upon written application to the appropriate repository for approval. The recipient should explain the special reasons why frozen glass ampoules of cell cultures are necessary. Please contact Customer Service for instructions on how to apply for this exception.

We do not provide replacements for cell lines distributed as frozen glass ampoules.

Shipment of iPSC/mESC

Please note that our stem cell lines are shipped as frozen cell stocks in plastic vial. There are no
replacements for stem cell lines, unless the line arrives physically compromised at their destination
(e.g., not frozen, cracked vial) and a replacement is requested within 24 hours of receipt.


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