Judge Milestones

Log into STEM Wizard in order to begin familiarizing yourself with your account.  Upon logging in, you will see the judge milestones. Each milestone contains a series of questions which should be completed as early as possible.

Understanding Milestone Symbols

When you have not completed a milestone, it will be marked with an orange exclamation point. All milestones will initially appear this way.
When you complete a Milestone, it will automatically turn to a green checkmark.

Judge Milestones

1. Criminal History Record Request Form
    IMPORTANT: Coriell is only notified of a PASS or FAIL. We do not receive specific details.

As an adult who is interacting with minors on behalf of Coriell, you will need to pass a name-based background check (it does not ask for a SSN). The details entered on this form are shared with Coriell’s Human Resources department. They then enter this information into the Official Site of the State of New Jersey and wait for the results. The State of New Jersey will also send the results directly to the email address you registered with. 

2. Additional Registration Questions

This milestone asks for details on your educational background. 

3. Potential Conflicts

Here you will declare any potential conflicts for judging. Having a conflict does not preclude  you from judging, it simply helps us create the fairest judging assignments. 

4. Judge Assignment Questions

We do our best to match judges with a category of their preference, so in this milestone you can let us know which areas you are most comfortable with and interested in. 

5. COVID-19 Policy Agreement

By completing this milestone, you confirm you have read and agree to Coriell’s official COVID-19 policy.  To view our policy, click here.


Once you have completed each step, your home page will display a green check mark in each milestone. The blue banner along the top will confirm your registration is complete.