Judge Milestones

Log into STEM Wizard in order to begin familiarizing yourself with your account.  Upon logging in, you will see the judge milestones. Each milestone contains a series of questions which should be completed as early as possible.

Understanding Milestone Symbols

When you have not completed a milestone, it will be marked with an orange exclamation point. All milestones will initially appear this way.
When you complete a Milestone, it will automatically turn to a green checkmark.

Judge Milestones

1. Additional Registration Questions

This milestone asks for details on your educational background. 

2. Potential Conflicts

Here you will declare any potential conflicts for judging. Having a conflict does not preclude  you from judging, it simply helps us create the fairest judging assignments. 

3. Judge Assignment Questions

We do our best to match judges with a category of their preference, so in this milestone you can let us know which areas you are most comfortable with and interested in. 

4. COVID-19 Policy Agreement

By completing this milestone, you confirm you have read and agree to Coriell’s official COVID-19 policy.  To view our policy, click here.


Once you have completed each step, your home page will display a green check mark in each milestone. The blue banner along the top will confirm your registration is complete.