The Coriell Institute is committed to advancing research and providing access for faculty, students, and collaborators to state-of-the-art equipment and expertise that supports basic and translational research. To that end, our research core facilities offer a wide variety of services in a broad range of scientific fields.

These diverse resources provide instrumentation, technical expertise, training, and education to those involved in the pursuit of innovative, cutting-edge research. These facilities expand investigators' capabilities, foster collaboration, and accelerate discovery and translation.

Animal and Xenograft

Offering design and implementation of xenograft animal studies.


Wide range of expert analysis workflows available.

Cell Imaging

Cutting-edge optical imaging capabilities.

CRISPR Gene Engineering

Providing powerful CRISPR gene-editing services to the research community.

Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting

Used to detect and measure physical and chemical characteristics of a population of cells or particles.

Genomics and Epigenomics

Services available for genomic and epigenomic services.


Expert team available to answer any stem cell need.


Offering a variety of 3D cell culture models, such as organoids and spheroids.