Special Awards

In addition to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards presented to students in each age group and category, several sponsors of the Coriell Institute Science Fair have provided special and distinctive awards to recognize students (both individuals and teams) and their exceptional projects. These awards demonstrate the high value sponsors place on achievement by middle and high school students in the areas of science and technology.

Lewis L. Coriell Best of Fair Award – In honor of Dr. Lewis L. Coriell's spirit and innovative drive, one 6-8th grade participant or team and one 9-12th grade participant or team is recognized for outstanding perseverance and cleverness in the design of an experimental approach to a research problem, particularly when the design overcomes limited resources. This award was created by Coriell Institute in honor of its founder, who passed away in 2001. The winners are awarded $500 each.

Best Life Sciences Award – One 6-8th grade participant or team and one 9-12th grade participant or team will be awarded the Best Life Sciences Award for exhibiting particular excellence at the Coriell Institute Science Fair. Winners will each be awarded $250 sponsored by TD Bank.

Best Physical Sciences Award – Presented to one 6-8th grade participant or team and one 9-12th grade participant or team for demonstrating outstanding comprehension of one of the physical science categories. Winners are awarded $250 each sponsored by Dow Chemical Company.

Marianne Raphaely Medicine and Health Award – Presented to one 6-8th grade student and one 9-12th grade student who shows initiative and a practical approach in health & medicine. Ms. Raphaely was a president of The Friends of Coriell and a strong supporter of scientific education. Winners will receive $100 sponsored by the M. Raphaely Memorial Fund.

Supplementary Awards

The following institutions and organizations have maintained longstanding partnerships with the Coriell Institute Science Fair and actively applaud the tremendous efforts of the student scientists. Below is a list of the additional awards presented to students at the 2020 Fair:

Camden County College Scholarship – Two 11th grade participants receive a two-year, full scholarship – one for a winning a physical/life science project, and the other for a winning technological sciences project. (Students must attend full-time.)

American Chemical Society – The South Jersey section of the American Chemical Society awards $25 to one 6th-8th grade participant and $50 to one 9th-12th grade participant for demonstrating particular excellence in the chemistry category.

Zodiac Arresting Systems – Zodiac Arresting Systems awards four participants with $100 prizes for showcasing excellent projects in engineering, mathematics or microbiology.

Zajac Family Award – One 6-8th grade participant and one 9th-12th grade participant will be awarded $200 for exhibiting a creative and practical approach in environmental science or biochemistry. Sponsored by the Zajac family.