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Join Us in Advancing Medical Science and Saving Lives

At Coriell Institute for Medical Research, groundbreaking discoveries are made, and medical breakthroughs become reality. Our journey began in 1953 when Dr. Lewis L. Coriell laid the foundation for invaluable contributions to biomedical research. From pioneering aseptic cell culture techniques to cryopreservation of cell lines, his work revolutionized medical science.

Our Mission: Preventing and Curing Disease

Today, we stand on the shoulders of this legacy, committed to our mission of preventing and curing disease. Coriell’s biobank accelerates scientific discovery, containing the world’s most diverse collection of cell lines, DNA, and biomaterials used by the international biomedical research community in 88 different countries. The samples housed at Coriell represent the genetic diversity of humankind, offering researchers materials from individuals with the most common diseases, such as heart disease or Alzheimer's disease, to the rarest genetic disorders known to science.

Commitment to Innovation

Our team of scientists conducts groundbreaking research, delving into the intricacies of DNA's role in cancer, aging, and personalized medicine. At Coriell, each day is met with entrepreneurial energy, and we confront challenges with unwavering agility and focus. Our dedicated staff and scientists collaborate on ideas that support our shared vision. Transforming scientific ideas into medical advances is not only a testament to our pioneering past but, more importantly, it's a commitment to your future.

The Camden Cancer Research Center (CCRC): Partnership for a Better Tomorrow

We are particularly excited about our latest venture, the Camden Cancer Research Center (CCRC). This brand-new effort combines Coriell Institute's research prowess, Cooper University Health Care's award-winning doctors and patient-care expertise, and Cooper Medical School of Rowan University's excellence in medical education.

Our vision for the CCRC is simple: Connect scientists and empower collaborative research to develop the next generation of cancer treatments. Nestled in the heart of Camden, New Jersey, this state-of-the-art cancer research center will establish a critical mass of researchers translating knowledge into new tools and therapies.

Invest in the Future of Medical Science: Your Impact Matters

Today, we invite you to invest in the future of medical science. Your contribution will directly impact our research and services for the scientific community.

Use the donate button to give online now. Or mail a check payable to Coriell Institute for Medical Research to 403 Haddon Ave, Camden, NJ 08103.

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