Ordering FAQ

Online Ordering FAQ

How can I place my order? - Orders must be placed electronically via our online catalog website. You can find information about how to set up a customer account here: https://coriell.org/1/Support/Create-account and information about how to place your order after your account has been approved here: https://coriell.org/1/Support/Ordering-online

Can I submit a PO as a means of placing an order? - Submitting a PO document does not constitute placing an actual order. Orders must be placed electronically via our online catalog website: https://coriell.org/1/Support/Ordering-online

Who can place an order? - To order samples from our biorepository you must be associated with a recognized research, medical, educational, or commercial organization engaged in biomedical research.

When will I receive my order once it has been placed? - Standard catalog orders are typically shipped within 2 weeks once all required forms are submitted and the order has been approved. If your order was placed prior to the submission of all required forms, you will receive an email when the required forms have been received to notify you that your order is being processed.

When are samples shipped? - Samples are shipped each week. All efforts are made to ensure samples are received during the workweek as these materials are time sensitive.

*Coriell recognizes certain federal holidays which may affect shipping schedules.

How are samples shipped? What are the shipping conditions? - Samples are shipped and packaged according to IATA packing instruction 650.

*If you like to request for cell lines to ship at ambient temperatures, please contact customerservice@coriell.org. Please refer to our Shipment Policy page here: https://coriell.org/1/Support/Frozen-Policy.

Please visit our FAQ pages for additional information: coriell.org > Ordering > FAQs.

Do I have to provide a courier account? - If you do not have a courier account to provide, we can bill you for the shipping charges when you are invoiced for your order. If you do not wish to be billed for shipping costs, you may choose to bill these charges directly to your FedEx or DHL import account on Step 2 of the checkout process. FedEx account numbers should be 9 digits in length and DHL import accounts should begin with “95-” or “96-”. When entering in your account number, please do not include spaces or dashes. If you are ordering items from the NINDS Collection, you will be required to provide a preferred cargo courier with a valid shipping account: https://coriell.org/1/NINDS/Pricing-Shipping-policy. Acknowledgement of acceptance of shipping charges is mandatory prior to receiving biomaterials from this collection.

If I am a customer from outside of the United States, am I responsible for import procedures associated with the items I would like to order? - Yes, customers are expected to be familiar with the import procedures associated with the importation of biological samples into their country. For example, some countries (i.e. China; Taiwan) may require that an import permit be obtained prior to receiving biological materials. As standard practice, Coriell includes a commercial invoice and materials declaration with each international shipment. International customers are encouraged to notify Coriell prior to shipment if there are certain import procedures that must be followed. If a package is sent without notifying us prior to shipment, Coriell is not liable if the package is held at customs due to importation clearance issues.

Are there any additional fees associated with my items? What are the shipping costs? - The prices listed on our catalog website do not include shipping. Shipping costs are calculated on a per shipment basis as they depend on the actual weight and destination of the package. You are able to provide a courier account if you do not wish to be invoiced for shipping. We will not have an accurate figure for shipping until the package goes through our shipper’s computer at the time of pickup. Orders shipping frozen (on dry ice) are subject to an additional $20.00 dry ice charge. As of January 2018, all orders placed by international customers are subject to an additional $10.00 special handling charge.

What is Coriell’s replacement policy? - Replacement requests are reviewed on a case by case basis as they must be approved by the repository collection. For cell lines that have shipped live, if cell viability is in questions or contamination of cultures is suspected after incubating the flask(s) overnight without opening, please contact Coriell Customer Support within 24 hours by email: customerservice@coriell.org or phone: (800) 752-3805 [USA]; +1 (856) 757-4848 [International]. Coriell cannot replace cultures free of charge for complaints received after this time frame.

Do I need to submit an MTA each time I place an order? - You do not need to submit an MTA each time an order is placed. However, to be able to your process your order, a current repository MTA must be on file for the Principal Investigator that you are ordering for that covers the samples to be ordered.

Do I have to submit an MTA prior to placing my order? - You do not have to submit your MTA prior to placing your order. However, your order will not be processed until we have received the proper documentation.

I need to obtain a purchase order from my organization, how can I generate a quote? - Coriell's catalog page is setup so that customers can generate quotes simply and easily at their convenience. To do this please follow these simple steps:

1) Navigate to https://coriell.org/

2) Select the products you wish to purchase

3) Add those products to your cart

4) Once you have updated your cart with all the items you wish to purchase there will be a print icon that will enable you to generate a detailed quote on Coriell letterhead.

Please note that this quote does not include the cost of shipping. Shipping costs are calculated on a per shipment basis and depend on the weight and destination of the package. We will not have an accurate figure for shipping until the package goes through the shipper's computer at the time of pickup. You can provide a courier account to directly bill shipping fees to if you do not want to be invoiced for shipping.

How can I check the status of my order? - You can check the status of your order by logging in to your catalog account here: https://coriell.org/0/Login.aspx and checking the “Order History” section or by contacting Coriell’s Customer Support team via email: customerservice@coriell.org or phone: (800) 752-3805 [USA] +1 (856) 757-4848 [International].

Will I be notified when my order has shipped? - Once your order has shipped, we will send an email notification with tracking information.

How are samples characterized for mutations? - Coriell does not typically perform mutation characterization or validation in house. Coriell relies on sample characterization information submitted to us, or provided by scientists using samples in research.

Contact: Coriell Customer Service
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