Your Support in Action

Your support is at the heart of Coriell Institute’s work. While we are fortunate to receive federal and state-funded grants for our core biobanking program, we rely on private philanthropy to drive forward other essential initiatives. Your contributions power groundbreaking research in epigenetic cancer, advance the induced pluripotent stem Cells (iPSCs) field, foster community outreach, and educate the next generation of expert researchers.

The impact of private support resonates globally. Since our inception, starting with our National Institutes of Health repository, millions of cell lines and DNA samples have been distributed to researchers in 80+ countries. These resources have facilitated over 16,000 unique scientific research programs, transforming lives and the course of medical science.

Private support is the driving force behind the latest breakthroughs in stem cell technology. Imagine a future where your doctor takes a small sample of your skin cells, sends them to a lab for reprogramming, and treats you with them weeks later. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, Coriell is laying the foundation for such personalized medical treatments.

You have the power to choose the programs that matter most to you. Your unrestricted gift empowers leadership to allocate resources where needed most in pursuit of our mission to prevent and cure diseases. Alternatively, you can target your support to specific programs, such as the Camden Opioid Research Initiative, adult stem cell research or our educational initiatives like internships, the Coriell Institute Science Fair, post-doctoral studies, and community outreach.

Ready to make a difference? Use the Donate Now button, call 856-668-2084, or email Together, we are shaping the future of medical science and transforming healthcare for generations to come.

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