Phill Hodges

Associate Director of IT Infrastructure

Phill Hodges is the Associate Director of IT Infrastructure at the Coriell Institute for Medical Research. Phill’s passion for understanding new and innovative technologies is evident through his achievement of multiple certifications in VMware, Cisco, and Microsoft. 

In his role, Phill oversees all aspects of Coriell’s computer infrastructure including server administration, networking, security, and desktop support. These areas all play key roles in supporting the mission of the Institute and its scientists.

Phill has a background in biological sciences and has held multiple positions throughout his decades-long tenure at Coriell. Having worked in Biobanking Logistics, Coriell’s Cell Culture Lab, and as a member of Coriell’s IT team, Phill has a unique perspective on the broad operations of the Institute.

Phill received his first undergraduate degree in Biology from the College of Coastal Georgia, and earned a second in Information Technology from Northeastern University.