Creating Your Project Tri-Fold Board

The project tri-fold board is an essential ingredient to a student's success at the Coriell Science Fair!

Tri-folds are one of several components judges consider while making an evaluation. An excellent tri-fold should clearly outline all of the required project information – abstract, purpose, hypothesis, research plan and conclusion with supporting data – reflect the student's mastery of the subject matter, and also demonstrate creativity and a passion for science!

Standard-sized tri-folds are 36" tall and 48" wide and can be purchased at several retail stores in the area (Michael's, Staples, A.C. Moore).

For more helpful information about designing your project tri-fold, click here.

Student Tri-Fold Regulations

Please make sure your tri-fold adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Students are not permitted to include their last name anywhere on the tri-fold or on any of the displayed materials (notebook, documents, etc.)
  • Students are not to display the name of their school or use a school mascot or school colors when designing their tri-fold
  • A completed copy of the project abstract must be attached to the tri-fold
  • For projects that require Form 1C (Regulated Research Institutional/Industrial Setting Form) or Form 7 (Continuation/Research Progression Projects Form), students must attach a completed copy to the tri-fold (can be attached to the backside of the board)
  • Students should bring copies of completed human subject consent forms, if applicable, as judges are permitted to review them

Please consult the ISEF Display and Safety Regulations for additional rules.