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Genome-Wide SNP Determination in Three Populations

Samples from the Human Variation Collection of the NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository at Coriell Cell Repositories have been used for an important new study on the distribution of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the entire human Genome. The study entitled "Whole-Genome Patterns of Common DNA Variation in Three Human Populations" by David A. Hinds, Laura L. Stuve, Geoffrey B. Nilsen, Eran Halperin, Eleazar Eskin, Dennis G. Ballinger, Kelly A. Frazer, and David R. Cox [Science 307:1072-1079 (2005)] characterized 1,586,383 SNPs in 71 samples. These samples were from the African-American Panel of 50 (HD50AA, 23 samples), the Han People of Los Angeles Panel of 100 (HDCHI100, 24 samples), CEPH families (23 samples) and the White Panel of 50 (HD50CAU, 1 sample). This dense SNP map will provide an important basis for further understanding the links between human disease risk and genetic variation. A Science Perspective on this work was provided by David Altschuler and Andrew G. Clark [Science 307:1052-1053 (2005)]. The individual samples in these populations are shown in the table below. European American samples that have also been genotyped by the International HapMap Project are highlighted.
African American European American Han Chinese
Catalog ID Gender Catalog ID Gender Catalog ID Gender
NA17102 M NA06990 F NA17733 F
NA17103 M NA07019 F NA17734 F
NA17104 M NA07348 F NA17735 F
NA17105 M NA07349 M NA17736 M
NA17106 M NA10830 M NA17737 M
NA17107 M NA10831 F NA17738 F
NA17108 M NA10842 M NA17739 F
NA17109 M NA10843 F NA17740 F
NA17110 F NA10844 F NA17741 F
NA17111 M NA10845 M NA17742 M
NA17112 F NA10848 M NA17743 M
NA17113 F NA10850 F NA17744 F
NA17114 M NA10851 M NA17745 F
NA17115 M NA10852 F NA17746 F
NA17116 F NA10853 M NA17747 F
NA17133 F NA10854 F NA17749 M
NA17134 F NA10857 M NA17752 F
NA17135 F NA10858 M NA17753 M
NA17136 F NA10860 M NA17754 F
NA17137 F NA10861 F NA17755 M
NA17138 F NA12547 M NA17756 F
NA17139 F NA12548 F NA17757 F
NA17140 F NA12560 M NA17759 M
    NA17201 M NA17761 M

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