2. Submission Requirements and Requesting a Kit

Welcome to the Family Portal for donating to the NIGMS Repository!

Submission Requirements- Who is eligible to donate?

  1. An affected individual must have a diagnosed heritable disease or chromosomal abnormality
    • Unaffected family members (e.g. parents and siblings) may donate samples along with an affected individual
  2. There must be clinical documentation of the disorder
    • The more clinical information that is submitted with a donation, the more valuable it will be to researchers
    • The most common documents are genetic testing results and physician summary letters
    • Unaffected family members do not need to submit medical documents, unless they share a common variant with the affected person that is relevant to the disorder
  3. The NIGMS Repository accepts donations of blood samples, skin biopsies, and early passages of previously established cell lines

Types of Kits

    Kit Type Procedure
    Cell types extracted from sample Kit contents description
    Blood sample

    Blood draw may be collected at a previously scheduled doctor's appointment

    B-lymphocyte cells, which are transformed into Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines (LCLs) Blood kit contents
    Biopsy sample Skin punch may be collected at a previously scheduled surgery or dermatologist appointment Fibroblast cells, which are established as Fibroblast Cell Lines Biopsy kit contents
    Cell culture Please email us at NIGMS@coriell.org if you or a researcher already has an early passage of an established cell line that you would like to donate to the Repository
    Varies Please email us at NIGMS@coriell.org  for more information

    Requesting a Kit

    If you have confirmed that you meet the submission requirements and are interested in receiving a kit to submit a blood or biopsy sample, please email the following information to NIGMS@coriell.org:

    1. Contact information to receive the kit (mailing address and phone number)
    2. Diagnosis of affected individual
    3. Donor(s') information
      • Number of donors (the affected individual and any family members donating as well)
      • Sample type that each individual would like to donate (blood and/or skin biopsy)
      • Name and age of donor(s)

    Please allow 1-2 weeks for the kit request to be processed and received. 

      If you have any questions that are not answered in this Family Portal, please email us at NIGMS@coriell.org