Apparently Healthy

The NIGMS Repository hosts a large collection of cell lines and DNA samples from Apparently Healthy individuals. This refers to samples collected from individuals that have not been diagnosed with a genetic disease at the time of sample collection. This does not necessarily mean that the samples do not contain any mutations or alterations in all biomedically relevant genes.

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Apparently Healthy: By-the-Numbers

Apparently Healthy Samples

  • CEPH

    • See available family kits here (52)

    • See all available samples here (1668)

  • Undiagnosed controls

    • See available cell lines here (625)

    • See available DNA samples here (307)

  • Personal Genome Project

    • See all available samples here (143)

  • Multiple Cell lines from the Same Individual

    • Cell Lines from Neonatal Foreskins (Melanocyte, Keratinocyte, and Fibroblasts)

      • See available samples here (48 samples from 19 individuals)

    • Multiple EBV-transformed Lymphoblast Cell Lines from Individuals

      • See available samples here (58 samples from 6 individuals)