Somatic Cell Hybrids

Recipients of human/rodent somatic cell hybrids are cautioned that the cell cultures are not demonstrated to be free of unrecognized human DNA sequences and may also be unstable. Characterization of these lines, by G-banded chromosome analysis and in situ hybridization employing biotinylated total human DNA as the probe, was performed at a single passage after recovery of frozen stock from liquid nitrogen. Changes in the human chromosomal composition of hybrids are known to occur when hybrids are grown and utilized in other laboratories. Stability may particularly be affected by conditions during shipping and by the use of other than the specified culture media. Recipients are encouraged to request shipping information sheets for each hybrid before shipment so that appropriate culture media, additives, and growth conditions are available prior to receipt of the culture.

Recipients are urged to recharacterize the hybrids in their own laboratories and to share their results with the Repository. A database of information received on hybrid characterization will be maintained by the Repository and will be available to all interested researchers.