3. Collecting a Sample and Returning a Kit

Welcome to the Family Portal for donating to the NIGMS Repository!

Collecting a Sample

  1. The NIGMS Repository will provide blood and biopsy sample collection kits, free of charge. Kits contain all necessary materials to collect and ship the samples back to Coriell, including: collection tubes, required paperwork, shipping materials, and a pre-paid FedEx return shipping label.

  2. Please review the following Collection and Shipping Instructions in advance of your appointment. You may bring them with you to your appointment as reference for your doctor.
  3. Schedule an exam with your clinician to have blood drawn or a skin biopsy taken.
    • This may be done alongside a wellness exam or other clinical exam in which blood will be drawn (e.g. to check vitamin D level, iron, cholesterol, etc.).
    • Coriell cannot provide a referral for organizations such as Quest or LabCorp, so it is best to have blood draw performed at a doctor's visit.
    • Try to schedule the collection(s) for any Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday that isn't near a U.S. holiday.

  4. Bring the collection kit with you to your appointment and ask the clinician to fill the tubes provided in the kit.
    • We do not expect this to incur an extra cost, but if you are charged, we may be able reimburse you up to $40 USD.

  5. For blood samples:
    • Draw blood into two 10mL ACD yellow-top tubes for adults, or two 5mL EDTA purple-top tubes (provided with kit) for children.
        • 4mL minimum volume in at least 1 tube is needed to establish a cell line.
      • Blood samples must be kept at room temperature. Do NOT refrigerate blood samples.

    • For biopsy samples:
      • Collect 3-4 mm skin punch biopsy, and place into 15mL vial with media (provided with kit).
      • Biopsy samples must be kept refrigerated after the collection until they are shipped back in the return kit, which includes an ice pack. Biopsy samples must be sent back with the frozen ice pack (note: the sample itself should not be frozen).

      Returning a Kit

      1. Return the collection kit with the sample donations to your local FedEx location, with the pre-paid shipping label attached (provided with kit).
        • See our visual step-by-step instructions on how to package a blood sample
        • Samples should be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping to:

               NIGMS Project Manager
               Coriell Institute for Medical Research
               403 Haddon Avenue
               Camden, New Jersey 08103

      2. Please email us at NIGMS@coriell.org with the FedEx tracking number from the shipment so we are prepared for its arrival.

      3. Once the sample has been received at Coriell, a team member will respond with an email confirmation of receipt.

      Required Paperwork to Return with Kit

      Document Description
      Submission Form Form that must be submitted for each donor and describes donor's basic information
      Informed Consent Form Consent form that must be read completely and signed by each donor
      Assent Form Consent form that must be signed by a donor that is between the ages of 7-17 and able to do so. This must be accompanied by the Informed Consent Form.
      Clinical Data Elements Form (General) Form that should be submitted for affected individuals only, which details this individual's clinical symptoms

      Papeleo Necesario para Devolver con el Kit, en Español

      Formulario Descripción
      Formulario De Envío Formulario que debe presentarse para cada donante y describe la información básica del donante
      Formulario de Consentamiento Informado Formulario de consentimiento que debe ser leído y firmado por cada donante
      Formulario de Asentimiento Formulario que debe utilizarse junto con el documento de consentimiento informado por donante jóven entre 7 y 17 años de edad, y con la capaz de hacerlo
      Formulario de Elementos de Datos Clínicos Formulario que debe enviarse solo para individuos afectados que detalla los síntomas clínicos de este individuo

      Si tiene cualquier duda del proceso, envianos un email y podemos ayudarle.

      If you have any questions that are not answered in this Family Portal, please email us at NIGMS@coriell.org