Joseph P. Jarvis, PhD

joseph-jarvis-main-updatedDirector, Genomic Risk Reporting

Joseph P. Jarvis, PhD, is director of genomic risk reporting for the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative® (CPMC®), a research study exploring the utility of genomic information in medicine. Joseph leads a team of innovative research scientists and biostatisticians committed to identifying genetic variants associated with risk of complex disease and variability in drug response for submission to both the CPMC's Informed Cohort Oversight Board and Pharmacogenomics Advisory Group and ultimately developing those insights into reports delivered to an active cohort of thousands of volunteer participants. In addition, Joseph is a catalyst for a number of research projects related to the genetic architecture of disease risk.

Prior to joining Coriell, Joseph was an NRSA post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Genetics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. There, his research focused on the genetics of complex traits in diverse African ethnic groups.

After earning undergraduate degrees in both biology and anthropology from the University of Notre Dame, Joseph received his doctorate in Evolution, Ecology and Population Biology from Washington University in St. Louis with special emphasis on quantitative and statistical genetics. Joseph's research interests include the genetic architecture of complex traits, particularly epistatic interactions and pleiotropic loci, patterns of genetic and phenotypic variation in structured human populations, as well as gene-by-environment interactions and their implications for human health.