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Human/Rodent Somatic Cell Hybrid Mapping Panel #2 (50µg aliquots of DNA)

Mapping Panel #2 consists of DNA isolated from 24 human/rodent somatic cell hybrids (see following table). All of the hybrids retain a single intact human chromosome. In the future, as better hybrids become available and characterization is completed, additions and deletions to the panel will be made. As new hybrids are chosen to replace existing ones, Mapping Panel #2 will be assigned a new version number and previous recipients will be notified to inform them of the availability of newly added DNA samples.

The current version is Mapping Panel #2, Version #3. The new version is the same as the original version with the following four exceptions: 1) NA13139, a monochromosomal hybrid for chromosome #1, has replaced NA07299 which retained chromosomes #1 and X, 2) NA13140, a monochromosomal hybrid for chromosome #20, has replaced NA10478 which retained chromosomes #20 and #4, 3) NA11580, a monochromosomal hybrid for chromosome #6, has replaced NA10629, and 4) NA11535, a monochromosomal hybrid for chromosome #14, has replaced NA10479.

In addition to the human/rodent somatic cell hybrid DNA samples, Mapping Panel #2 includes DNA samples isolated from IMR-91 (NAIMR91), Chinese hamster line RJK88 (NA10658), and mouse line 3T6 (NA05862). All of the components of Mapping Panel #2 are available as either DNA samples or as cell cultures.

The Repository will maintain a database for results obtained with the panel which will be available to all investigators. It is not the Repository's responsibility to resolve discrepancies that investigators might find when using the NIGMS mapping panel.

Human Chromosomes PresentHybrid DNAHuman ParentRodent Parent
YNA06317 Chinese Hamster
XNA06318 Chinese Hamster
5NA10114 Chinese Hamster
4NA10115 Chinese Hamster
8NA10156 Chinese Hamster
3NA10253 Chinese Hamster
19NA10449 Chinese Hamster
7NA10791 Chinese Hamster
2NA10826 Chinese Hamster
12NA10868GM07890Chinese Hamster
22NA10888 Chinese Hamster
13NA10898 Chinese Hamster
10NA10926 Chinese Hamster
11NA10927 Chinese Hamster
18NA11010 Chinese Hamster
15NA11418 Chinese Hamster
14NA11535 Chinese Hamster
6NA11580 Chinese Hamster
 Parental DNA*Description
 NAIMR91Human Line IMR91
 NA05862Mouse Line 3T6
 NA10658Chinese Hamster Line RJK88
*Two vials of each included

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