Coriell Institute for Medical Research Expands Executive Leadership and Announces Promotions


Alissa Resch, PhD, and Nahid Turan, PhD, promoted to newly-created roles of Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Laboratory Officer

Coriell Institute for Medical Research today announced the promotion of two of its scientists to new leadership roles. Alissa Resch, PhD, is now the Institute’s Chief Scientific Officer and Nahid Turan, PhD, is now Chief Laboratory Officer. Drs. Resch and Turan previously served as Director of Biobanking Operations and Director of Laboratory Operations, respectively.

“Dr. Resch and Dr. Turan proved long ago they are invaluable members of the leadership team at the Coriell Institute. Each brings unique expertise, but they share a commitment to the Institute’s legacy of excellence and scientific vision,” said Robert P. Kiep III, Chairman of Coriell’s Board of Trustees. “The work they have done – Dr. Turan with our renowned laboratories and biobank and Dr. Resch managing and expanding Coriell’s partnerships – has been exceptional and the Board of Trustees is excited to see what they accomplish in their new roles.”

As Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Resch oversees the scientific functions of the Institute, including oversight of all federal, private and commercially funded contracts and grants, development of the Institutes’ scientific research initiatives, and onboarding of new technologies.

“Coriell partners with many esteemed scientific institutions, a number of which date back decades,” Dr. Resch said. “This is a fantastic opportunity and I look forward to growing our partnerships and forming new collaborations as we expand our research efforts.”

Dr. Resch, before joining the Coriell institute in 2014, served as an assistant professor of Genetics and Developmental Biology at the University of Connecticut where she conducted research in genomics and RNA biology. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy from the University of California at Los Angeles.

As Chief Laboratory Officer, Dr. Turan administers all aspects of the Institute’s laboratory and biobanking operations, quality assurance, safety and customer service departments.

“Our laboratory and biobanking teams do spectacular work to support the global research community,” Dr. Turan said. “I am grateful for the opportunity to maintain and improve our already exceptional practices. I look forward to incorporating further state-of-the-art techniques and robotic instruments in both our labs and biobank.”

Dr. Turan previously served as an associate scientist at the Fels institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Biology at Temple University School of Medicine before she came to the Coriell Institute in 2013. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

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