Founder's Grandsons Following in Footsteps at Coriell Institute


This July, two grandsons of famed South Jersey scientist Lewis Coriell are following in his footsteps, developing a passion for medicine and biology at the very Camden research institute he founded.

In the first half of the 20th Century, Lewis Coriell was instrumental in the development of the polio vaccine and developed the sterile techniques used by scientists around the globe. In 1953, he founded the South Jersey Medical Research Foundation Laboratory to advance basic science and the institute –later renamed the Coriell Institute for Medical Research in his honor – is now known around the world.

This July, two of Coriell’s grandsons, Charlie and Peter Coriell, both 17, are participating in the institute’s annual Summer Experience, a paid internship for South Jersey students with a keen interest in science.

As interns in the Coriell Summer Experience, the brothers are touring the different labs here at Coriell, earning hands on experience and learning what it’s like to work in a laboratory setting.

When asked what has been most impactful so far, Peter and Charlie agreed that learning the importance of the strict quality control needed to ensure appropriate samples remain uncontaminated.

Peter and Charlie say they had a strong interest in science before their work at Coriell. Peter was interested primarily in medicine and biology, while Charlie focused on astronomy, meteorology and marine biology.

Both say this experience has solidified their desire to move into biology the life sciences, following in the footsteps made by their grandfather decades ago.

(From left to right in above photo: Peter Coriell, Dr. Lewis Coriell, Charlie Coriell)

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