How the Coriell Marketplace Can Boost Your Biobank


On its surface, biobanking may look like a niche industry, a critical part of the scientific infrastructure that enables a great deal of research around the world, and while this is true, biobanking is in and of itself an ever-evolving science. 

Our founder Lewis L. Coriell, MD, recognized the need for centralized, accessible, and reliable collections of biosamples over half a century ago, and we have spent decades since designing and optimizing our biobanking workflows. We know better than anyone the underlying importance of sample processing, storage, and distribution because this is a science we as an institute pioneered. Coriell has the capability and know-how to safely ship samples to scientists across the globe as evidenced by our years of experience distributing valuable biomaterials around the world. 

Now, through the Coriell Marketplace, we are offering our scientific expertise and our customized platform to other biobanks and organizations interested in making biospecimens more accessible to the research community and allowing Coriell to manage all the underlying operations and challenges inherent in biobanking. 

There are several important features to this new service: 

1) Access to Coriell’s online platform

Accessing samples through an easily searchable catalog and online checkout process allows researchers to focus their attention on the next novel therapy or path to a cure.  Coriell utilizes a state-of-the-art online biosamples catalog offering millions of samples and associated relevant data supported by our custom-designed operational management system.

2) Access to Coriell’s laboratory services

Biobanking is not always straightforward. Samples often need various levels of attention, from turning a donated skin punch into usable fibroblasts, or creating induced pluripotent stem cells from isolated peripheral mononuclear blood cells, we have the teams and expertise to handle it. 

Marketplace customers aren’t just utilizing our expertise in biobanking. They are accessing all aspects of Coriell’s excellence and superior quality.

3) Worldwide distribution

Science is a global effort. We have first-hand experience with the shipment of thousands of biospecimens to over 85 countries around the world. Marketplace customers can leverage Coriell’s understanding of international shipping laws and policies and ensure the integrity of the sample is not compromised. 

4) Customizable plans

Not every biobank is the same and not every biobank would benefit from the same Marketplace offerings. Thankfully, the Coriell Marketplace is fully customizable built on four tiers of service, but which can be fine-tuned to meet unique needs from there. These are the basic tiers:

Bronze Plan

  • User-friendly, searchable online sample catalog
  • Public or private catalog
  • Samples maintained and processed by Marketplace partner
  • Partner responsible for order fulfillment
  • Dedicated customer support provided by Coriell
  • Global distribution

Silver Plan

  • User-friendly, searchable online sample catalog 
  • Public or private catalog
  • Samples stored and distributed by Coriell
  • Dedicated customer support and order fulfillment provided by Coriell
  • Global distribution

Gold Plan

  • User-friendly, searchable online sample catalog
  • Public or private catalog
  • Certain sample processing and/or lab services performed by Coriell
  • Samples stored and distributed by Coriell
  • Dedicated customer support and order fulfillment provided by Coriell
  • Global distribution

Platinum Plan

  • Full-service plan
  • End-to-end service including sample collection, processing, and storage of sample inventory
  • Distribution of samples using searchable online samples catalog
  • Dedicated customer support and order fulfillment provided by Coriell
  • Global distribution

If you’re interested in learning more about how the Coriell Marketplace will help your biobank access more customers, drop us a line via the form below.

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