Coriell Catalog SNP Search is Now Available


Coriell recently added a new tool to help researchers identify the biospecimens they need for their research. Using Coriell’s new SNP Search tool, users can now search Coriell collections of cells and DNA for individual genetic variants using Reference SNP cluster IDs (or rsIDs).

This tool gives scientists easy access to cell and DNA samples of interest, along with relevant information for those samples: 

  • Variant genotype
  • Donor sex
  • Product type

This new SNP Search tool relies on NHGRI 1000 Genomes Phase 3 whole genome sequencing data and includes characterized biospecimens in both the NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository and the NHGRI Sample Repository for Human Genetic Research.

In this unprecedented time, Coriell remains open to provide the biospecimens and expert laboratory services that researchers need. Drop us a line to see how Coriell can help.

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