Welcome to the New Coriell.org!


Welcome to the new Coriell.org!

Our new site may look pretty familiar to many of our users. It was built largely on the back of our previous catalog page, the page which scientists used to browse and order from our extensive collection of biomaterials.

It will likely look totally new, however, to users accustomed to visiting Coriell.org, our site which housed information about our institution, who works here and who sits on our Board of Trustees, information about our summer internship and the annual science fair and much more.

That content is all still here and organized in a way we hope makes sense to both sets of users. Our search function is still front and center to give researchers easy access to our biobanks and the rest of the information about Coriell is all just a click or two away using our menu at the top.

For both of these groups, we’ve tried to arrange the site in a way that is easy and intuitive to use but that also highlights scientific services we can offer help to you in your scientific research, beyond just access to our biobanks.

If you’re having trouble finding something on this site, don’t hesitate to reach out to communications@coriell.org

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