SNJ Today Profiles Coriell for DNA Day


SNJ Today reporter Nina Baratti visited the Coriell Institute for Medical Research this April to tell the story of DNA Day and Coriell’s longtime legacy in genetics and genomic science.

Celebrated each year on April 25, DNA Day commemorates the publication of Watson and Crick’s manuscript which detailed the discovery of DNA, the molecule which makes all life possible.

For DNA Day this year, Coriell organized the Chromatin Challenge for participants in the annual Coriell Institute Science Fair to take part in. The event challenged students to fit two pieces of string, each about six feet long, into a tiny pill capsule. This mimics chromatin, the essential structure that allows DNA to fit in a cell nucleus.

SNJ Today profiled Coriell’s extensive work with the NHGRI collection of human DNA and how those DNA samples are vital to genetic research around the globe.

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