Business Magazine Recognized Dr. Christman as Top Executive


In a November feature on prominent regional business figures, South Jersey Biz magazine named Coriell Institute's Michael Christman, PhD, one of 2012's top executives.

Citing the Institute's steady development as a progressive leader championing the area's booming health and medical industries, Biz Magazine recognized Dr. Christman, Coriell's President and CEO, and some of the major milestones achieved in the last year.

The article mentions the strides Coriell is making in personalized medicine, the significance of learning and understanding more about human genetic variation as it relates to disease, and the crucial partnerships the Institute has cultivated with the United States Air Force and IBM.

"We continue to grow," says Dr. Christman in the article. "You can do amazing things with a team of smart, dedicated people."

Dr. Christman is honored alongside other distinguished executives representing the fields of finance, insurance, engineering, technology, education, and more, including Martin Bieber, CEO of Kennedy Health System, and Ali Houshmand, President of Rowan University.

To read the full article, please click here.

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