WHYY Radiof Piece Singles Out Coriell Institute


WHYY, a regional news and information leader and NPR member radio station, singles out Coriell Institute and the newly announced alliance with the United States Air Force Medical Service in a recent broadcast piece.

The segment "Coriell to Test Air Force DNA to Check Predisposition for Disease," by Carolyn Beeler, ran in several spots as a news bulletin and was also published by NewsWorks, the online aggregate home of the popular FM station.

Reporting on the Patient-Centered Precision Care Research Program and clinical utility study coordinated by the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative team, the story features several of the program's central figures, including Coriell's President and CEO, Michael Christman, PhD.

Lieutenant Colonel (Dr.) Cecili Sessions, director of the initiative that aims to understand medical and scientific application by collecting and analyzing genetic samples from 2,000 active-duty Air Force personnel, is also quoted in the piece.

"This is what I like to call our pilot study that doesn't involve pilots," she says. "It's really to demonstrate the clinical utility of this type of service."

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