Coriell Partners with U.S. Air Force


Partnerships are integral to the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative (CPMC) research study. Strong alliances with Fox Chase Cancer Center, Boston University, Ohio State University Medical Center, University of Pennsylvania, and other respected research centers, are helping us understand how personalized medicine can be used to improve health. Current examples of our collaborations include understanding patients' behavioral changes in response to receiving risk reports for obesity and the role of electronic medical records in healthcare delivery.

Embarking on a new alliance with the United States Air Force, the CPMC research study is recruiting active duty healthcare providers serving within the United States Air Force Medical Service as a part of the Air Force Patient-Centered Precision Care Research (PC2-Z) program longitudinal study.

Lieutenant General (Dr.) Charles B. Green, Surgeon General of the Air Force, said of the new collaboration, "In support of the mission of the United States Air Force, the Air Force Medical Service provides world class healthcare for beneficiaries anywhere and anytime and represents an organization in pursuit of excellence through generation of knowledge and elimination of waste. When we looked to academia and industry for advances in the evidence base directing personalized care, we recognized Coriell as possessing the expertise, infrastructure, and leadership to execute the clinical arm of the PC2-Z study. We are thrilled to collaborate on this exciting research program."

PC2-Z Program Director, Lieutenant Colonel (Dr.) Cecili Sessions added, "PC2-Z will systematically review, evaluate, and summarize medical evidence regarding genomic associations that are clinically actionable for application in clinic settings and develop and enhance existing AFMS information technology systems to capture and analyze genetic information for enhanced clinical decision-making. We are confident that Coriell will deliver first-in-class research on behalf of the PC2-Z program."

Coriell works with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL), a non-profit division of Johns Hopkins University and a distinguished University Affiliated Research Center. JHU/APL provides systems engineering and technical oversight, and research development and program management to meet the Air Force's personalized medicine program goals.

The project is initially enrolling 2,000 active duty Air Force Medical Service personnel. Excited by the opportunity to collaborate with USAF, Coriell's President and CEO, Michael Christman, PhD, says, "Air Force operates, literally and figuratively, on the front lines of advanced medicine. We recognize that our vision and their mission are very much aligned in personalized medicine, and anticipate achieving milestones over the course of our partnership that will significantly advance genome-informed medicine."

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