Pricing & Shipping policy

Pricing for NINDS Repository Biomaterials

There is no price associated with biomaterials distributed from the NINDS Repository.

Shipping Charge for NINDS Repository Biomaterials

NINDS Repository biomaterial requesters are responsible for all shipping charges incurred by the request of any NINDS Repository biomaterial. Requesters are obligated to provide a preferred cargo courier with a valid shipping account. Acknowledgment of acceptance of shipping charge is mandatory prior to receiving biomaterials.

Coriell recommends the following couriers:

  • Federal Express  (US and international, ambient and frozen).

                    - Domestic shipments are strongly recommended via FedEx with second day delivery guaranteed.

  • DHL (International only)
  • World Courier (international frozen only)

There will be no shipping charge to the investigators who receive the Back-to-Submitter whole blood DNA, as part of the submitter’s benefit.