Parkinsonism PostCEPT Samples

PostCEPT Samples in the NINDS Repository

In addition to the existing CDE data accompanying each sample, there are enriched longitudinal clinical data available for samples from the PRECEPT/PostCEPT cohort: PostCEPT Samples. Download Excel File Format
  • If you wish to request these additional data, please email
  • You will be sent a data request form.
  • Send the completed data request form and catalog ID numbers for whom you wish to receive clinical data to
Please Note:
  • All subjects had a diagnosis of "Parkinson’s disease" at the time of enrollment in PRECEPT; any known change in diagnosis at the time of sample submission is noted.
  • The PostCEPT samples are also listed among the Repository's Parkinson disease collection; attention should be paid to catalog IDs to avoid ordering samples in duplicate.
All questions regarding these longitudinal clinical data should be sent to
Questions regarding the samples at the NINDS Repository should be sent to