Family Classification

The NINDS Repository tracks families as follows:

  1. Family Number is used to identify individual families
  2. Relationship Type is assigned:
    1. Case-Spouse
    2. Discordant Sib Pair
    3. Concordant Sib Pair
    4. Parent-Child Discordant
    5. Parent-Child Concordant
    6. Trio, child must be affected
    7. Family pair other than Sibs or Parent-Child
    8. Family with at least 3 members, including 1 proband, not a trio
    9. Control family with at least 3 members, no proband
    10. Identical Twins, Concordant
    11. Identical Twins, Discordant
    12. Identical Twins, Concordant, plus additional family members
    13. Identical Twins, Discordant, plus additional family members
  3. Number Affected
  4. Nuclear (2 generations) or Multigenerational (3 more)

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