NINDS Repository Biomaterial Request Instruction


Biomaterials including lymphoblastoid cell lines (LCL) and DNA samples are distributed only to qualified professional individuals who are associated with recognized research, medical, educational, or industrial organizations engaged in health-related research or health delivery. There are two requirements for ordering biomaterials from NINDS Human Genetics DNA and Cell Line Repository (NINDS Repository) to ensure compliance with the Office for Protection from Research Risks (OPHR), Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) regulations for the protection of human subjects (45 CFR Part 46).

  1. STATEMENT OF RESEARCH INTENT A description of the research to be done with the cell cultures or DNA samples must be provided to the NINDS Repository.
  2. Material Transfer Agreement for Biospecimens (MTA) detailing the terms and conditions of sale must be signed by the principal investigator and the institutional official who can make legal commitments on behalf of the institution.
  3. Please see Acknowledgement Instructions

Each order placed with the NINDS Repository must be placed electronically using our online catalog system. The information required by the Statement of Research Intent can be submitted electronically during the checkout of the order. The MTA Form (if not already on file) must be submitted by fax, mail, or email before an order can be reviewed and approved - this form can be downloaded during the checkout process or may be obtained by contacting Customer Service (see below)


All biomaterial requesters must register and create a catalog account with Coriell. For creating and updating catalog account please visit Coriell Catalog Account.

The NINDS Repository Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) and any accompanying paperwork should be faxed, mailed, or emailed to:

Coriell Cell Repositories 
403 Haddon Avenue 
Camden, New Jersey 08103 
Telephone: 800-752-3805 in the USA 
856-757-4848 from other countries 
Fax: 856-757-9737 or


NINDS Repository biomaterial requesters are responsible for the shipping charges. Shipping charges vary depending upon the mode of shipment designated by the sample requesters. Coriell recommends the following couriers:

  • Federal Express  (US and international, ambient and frozen).

                - Domestic shipments are strangely recommended via FedEx with second day delivery guaranteed.

  • DHL (International only)
  • World Courier (international frozen only)


Lymphoblastoid Cell Line (LCL)

LCL is shipped in live culture in a T12.5 flask on Mondays. The flask is enclosed within two watertight plastic envelopes within a styrofoam box in a cardboard mailer to prevent leakage, overheating, or freezing during shipment.

Upon receipt, LCL cultures should be placed in an incubator at 37oC or at the temperature specified on the shipping information sheet for a few hours or overnight without removing any medium to permit recovery from damage which may have occurred during shipment. It is suggested that the recipient store aliquots of cells in early passage in liquid nitrogen to assure that the entire culture is not lost as a result of contamination, artifacts associated with aging, or accidents.

All LCL cultures are grown and frozen in antibiotic-free media to aid in the detection and prevention of contamination. Cultures are tested and found free of mycoplasma, bacteria, and fungi during expansion, at the time of frozen storage, and after recovery of stock for distribution from liquid nitrogen. Recovered cultures are also examined to determine viability and growth potential and to verify species of origin In addition, gender determination and fingerprinting using highly polymorphic microsatellite markers are performed for sample identify.

DNA Samples

All DNA samples are shipped on Mondays and Wednesdays at ambient temperature. Recipients should centrifuge the vials prior to opening. Continued storage at -80oC is recommended to maintain the integrity of the DNA.

All DNA samples prepared by the NINDS Repository are characterized for the following:

  1. OD260 /OD280 ratio
  2. concentration
  3. microsatellite analysis to confirm identity


Each shipment includes a packing slip and general information about requested biomaterials. Specific details for each sample and pertinent reference citations (if available) are found the Coriell Web Catalog. Search the catalog by using the catalog number.

Pertinent suggestions to improve the effectiveness of the Repository are appreciated.