• Mar 2023

    Human Genetic Cell Repository Featured on NIGMS Blog

    The National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Human Genetic Cell Repository (HGCR), housed at the Coriell Institute, in its Biomedical Beat blog where writers shine a light on scientists and research backed by NIGMS.

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  • Feb 2023

    Rare Disease Day: FAQs for Contributing to the NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository

    For those affected by a rare disease, there is an accessible way to contribute to the research effort. The Human Genetic Cell Repository (HGCR), sponsored by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) and hosted at the Coriell Institute, contains many thousands of cell line and DNA samples derived from tissue donations from affected people, allowing researchers to study these diseases and develop new therapies. The collection of samples representing rare diseases is always growing!

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  • Feb 2023

    New iPSC Lines Added in 2022

    Dozens of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines were added to the collections in Coriell's care last year. See a full list of new lines here.

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  • Sep 2022

    NIGMS Repository: 50 Years of Biobanking History

    First established at Coriell in 1972, this collection of cells and DNA is one of the very first at Coriell and is an extension of our founder Dr. Lewis L. Coriell’s mission: To provide scientists around the world with standardized biomaterials of the highest quality to support research.

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  • Jul 2022

    NIGMS Repository Draws Blood to Advance New Therapies

    The NIGMS Repository team prides itself in its extensive collaborations with rare disease advocacy organizations, helping to strengthen the tie between these communities and researchers in the field. By working hands-on with patient foundations, the NIGMS Repository supports individuals affected with rare diseases and their families to participate in scientific research opportunities.

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  • Dec 2021

    NIGMS Repository Address AMP Reference Materials Forum

    Co-PI of the NIGMS Repository, Matthew W. Mitchell, PhD, gave a presentation as part of the AMP Reference Materials Forum, which took place virtually earlier this month. This meeting focused on the research need and resource availability of genetic testing reference materials, such as DNA samples. Some of the more common research applications requiring the use of these well characterized biomaterials include: assay development, test validation, quality control, and proficiency testing.

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  • Nov 2021

    NIGMS Repository Staff Attends the RARE Health Equity Summit

    Team members from the NIGMS Repository traveled to Philadelphia this month to attend the RARE Health Equity Summit, sponsored by Global Genes. This inaugural meeting was developed to address inequities in the field of biomedical research informing health care in the rare disease community, particularly as they affect marginalized patient communities.

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  • Oct 2021

    High Molecular Weight DNA Now Available from NIGMS and NHGRI Collections

    The NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository (HGCR) and NHGRI Sample Repository for Human Genetic Research (SRHGR) now offer high molecular weight (HMW) DNA samples isolated from cell lines in the collections. HMW DNA is useful for long-read next-generation sequencing and studies that investigate large-scale genomic variation such as structural variation.

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  • Sep 2021

    Coriell Scientists Develop Novel Assay for Sample Authentication

    Biomedical research requires the use of primary samples that are derived directly from individuals affected by disease. The use of these primary research materials means that the health information connected to a person who donates a sample is tied up with the description of the sample itself. It’s critical, therefore, for biobanks to decouple this useful research material from a donor’s private information, a process known as de-identification. This protection of sample donors’ personal and identifiable information is paramount to preserving donor anonymity.

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  • Aug 2021

    Free Cell Line and DNA Samples in Exchange for Molecular Characterization

    The NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository is proud to launch a collaborative initiative with the scientific research community in an effort to enhance the molecular and biochemical characterizations of catalog-available samples.

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