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Policy for use of biomaterials from the International HapMap Project

The Coriell Institute for Medical Research will produce and distribute periodic newsletters and quarterly reports for the Community Advisory Groups (CAGs) in each community where new samples were collected for the International HapMap Project. These materials will be produced and distributed for as long as the CAGs remain in existence and are interested in receiving them.

The newsletters will include general information about the Project, the participating communities, and how the HapMap and the stored samples are being used. Each issue of the newsletter will be available in English and the primary languages of the participating communities.

A separate quarterly report will be prepared for each participating community. Each quarterly report will provide a list of all orders received for the community's samples for the preceding quarter. The list will include, for each order: the date of the order; the name of the investigator and institution ordering the samples; the number of samples ordered; and a brief description of the research (written in lay language). The quarterly report will also list publications about the HapMap Project, publications from studies that have used the HapMap, and publications from other studies that have used the community's samples.

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