Leaving Your Legacy

The generosity of our friends – through various types of planned giving – helps us to advance our mission and our scientific work. Planned giving is a philanthropic approach to invest your money, often receiving benefits during your lifetime, and then bequeath remaining funds to Coriell.

We encourage you to consider the Institute by including a bequest in your will, or by designating the Institute a beneficiary of your trust, insurance policy, retirement plan, bank account or security. With your planned gift, you may enjoy financial or tax benefits while also helping ensure that we are able to continue our important work for years to come.

We are deeply grateful to each and every individual who supports Coriell with a planned gift. Thank you for your thoughtful commitment to the Institute’s future.

While the information on our site will help you get started, it is summary in form and may not apply to all individuals. Please consult your personal tax, legal, or financial advisors concerning the specific details and consequences of making gifts to Coriell Institute, and to help you determine which approach is the most appropriate for you. You may also contact (856) 757-9701 for a confidential consultation.

Bequests or Wills

Explore how you can give to Coriell without affecting your cash flow during your lifetime. [ Learn More › ]

Beneficiary Designations

Gifts from your retirement plan or insurance policy can help you receive a tax deduction now, or a deduction for your heirs. [ Learn More › ]

Gifts You Can Use

Donate appreciated securities or property rather than cash. You’ll receive immediate tax deductions and pay no capital gains tax down the road. [ Learn More › ]

Gift Annuities

Simple contracts between you and Coriell will offer you dependable, fixed-income and income tax deductions. [ Learn More › ]

Charitable Trusts

Receive income for life or a term of years in return for your gift, and receive attractive tax deductions. [ Learn More › ]