Free Cell Line and DNA Samples in Exchange for Molecular Characterization


The NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository is proud to launch a collaborative initiative with the scientific research community in an effort to enhance the molecular and biochemical characterizations of catalog-available samples. Examples of eligible molecular characterizations include but are not limited to: 

  • Genotyping
  • Targeted sequencing
  • HLA haplotyping
  • Enzyme activity assaying
  • CNV analysis
  • Genomic analysis (interaction mapping, Hi-C)
  • Gene isoform analysis

Additional technical analyses may be eligible for this initiative upon confirmation with the Repository team. This can be done for samples on an individual basis, or in batches if there is a set of related samples that you are interested in characterizing together (e.g. multiple samples representing a single disease type). 

Acceptance of the provided characterization data into the catalog will result in a credit for a free sample from the NIGMS HGCR (excluding iPSCs). If your research lab is capable of performing technical analysis of a cell line or DNA as described above, please reach out to our team at

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