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Please see the DNA Samples FAQ for more information on OD260/OD280 ratio and restriction digest and gel electrophoresis analysis.

Microsatellite fingerprinting

Since 1998, for all DNA prepared from existing cell cultures, a molecular identity is established using a panel of six microsatellite markers. Future DNA isolations from these cell lines are fingerprinted to verify identity with the original culture.

DNA from the Repository's extended families, including the CEPH reference families, are also currently identified by microsatellite profiles and these are used to verify family relationships. Previous to 1998, DNA samples from the Repository's extended families, including the CEPH Reference Families, were characterized as described for cell cultures.

For each new submission of any specimen type, a microsatellite identity is determined; this identity is verified each time a cell expansion is ordered for DNA isolation or used to confirm identity in longitudinal study samples. Gender of the individual is also determined in this assay by amplification of the amelogenin loci region that differs in the X and Y chromosomes.

Feedback from DNA recipients including utilization surveys and publications citing the use of Repository DNA samples are also reviewed for consistency with the description. Certificates of Analysis are available for DNA samples if requested within 60 days from the date of purchase. For any questions on the Quality Control procedures, please contact us at

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