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NIA Aging Cell Repository's Ames Dwarf Mouse Collection

The NIA Aging Cell Repository has established cell cultures from several tissues derived from Ames Dwarf Mice. The Ames Dwarf Mice were generated in the laboratory of Andrzej Bartke at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (Bartke, A. (1964a) Histology of the anterior hypophysis, thyroid and gonads of two types of dwarf mice. Anat. Rec. 149, 225.)R. The mouse line carries a recessive mutation in the Prop1 gene and homozygous animals [Prop1(df)/Prop1(df)] show dwarfness and exhibit extended lifespan (PMID 8900272). Heterozygous littermates [Prop1+/Prop1(df)] generated by breeding heterozygous females with homozygous males are of normal size.

The NIA Repository has developed fibroblast cell cultures from ear punches from homozygous and heterozygous animals ranging in age from 4 months to 24 months. Cell lines were established under low oxygen (3%) culture conditions. The fibroblast cell cultures were tested for in vitro population doubling capacity via lifespan analysis as well as by G-band karyotype analysis. Almost all of the cell cultures show mosaicism with many cultures showing more than half of the cell population with abnormal karyotypes. The table below lists the cultures by genotype, gender and age. The catalog number for each cell culture is hyperlinked to more detailed information.

Catalog Number (Animal Number)
4  M  AG22787 (001) AG22795 (003)
  AG22803 (005)
 F  AG22808 (001) AG22816 (003)
AG22812 (002) AG22824 (005)
12  M  AG22830 (001) AG22838 (003)
AG22834 (002) AG22842 (004)
AG22874 (006) AG22846 (005)
  AG22882 (008)
  AG22890 (010)
 F  AG22850 (001) AG22858 (003)  
AG22854 (002) AG22866 (005)
AG23017 (007)  

Adipose stromal cell cultures from fat and smooth muscle cell cultures from aorta were also established from these animals and will be available in the coming months.

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