The Team

Jean-Pierre Issa, MD

President & CEO

Jaroslav Jelinek, MD, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Our team is working to further uncover the role of epigenetics, specifically through DNA methylation and histone modification, in two particularly relevant areas for human health: cancer and aging.

Our work is funded by grants from many sources, from the National Institutes of Health to private foundations. We are the proud beneficiary of an NIH SPORE (Specialized Programs of Research Excellence) Grant for which we are the first-ever epigenetically focused recipient. This SPORE funding provides our researchers the means to pursue their interests within a highly collaborative and cutting-edge network of other SPORE cancer researchers across the country.

Genarro Calendo, MS
Associate Director, Bioinformatics

Woonbok Chung, PhD
Assistant Professor

Jozef Madzo, PhD
Assistant Professor
Director of Bioinformatics

Shoghag Panjarian, PhD
Assistant Professor

Peace Park, PhD
Postdoctoral Research

Himani Vaidya, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher