Gennaro Calendo

Associate Director, Bioinformatics

Before coming to Coriell, I worked in a translational medicine laboratory primarily studying the treatment of traumatic brain injury using a novel aerosolized-liquid perfluorochemical cooling technique.

After realizing that my interests lie more in computational biology than translational medicine, I completed my Master’s in Bioinformatics at Temple University and subsequently joined the research team at Coriell. My research interests presently lie in computational and statistical techniques for analyzing RNA-Seq, microbiome, and DNA methylation data. More specifically, I've become interested in the role of epigenetic regulation in relation to aging and cancer.

As the Associate Director, Bioinformatics at Coriell, I work closely with other researchers helping to design analysis pipelines, assist with method development, and interpret experimental results. Outside of my work at Coriell, I am interested in machine learning and software development.


MS - Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

BS - Temple University, Philadelphia, PA


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