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General Order Information    

All orders must be placed using a registered catalog account. You can create an account here. For more information about placing your first order - Visit our Placing Your First Order Page


Pricing for CIRM Repository hPSC lines are as followed:

$750 per hPSC vial for non-profit/academic customers purchasing the for non-profit uses

$1500 per hPSC vial for (1) non-profit/academic customers purchasing the hPSCs for for-profit uses and (2) for commercial customers.

Shipping Charges:

Shipping charges vary depending upon the mode of shipment requested by the purchaser. All cell lines are shipped frozen, on dry ice.  

Domestic  Shipping:   Monday thru Wednesday                                   International Shipping:  Monday &  Tuesday only

Replacement Policy:

There are no replacements for hPSC lines, unless the hPSCs arrive physically compromised at their destination (e.g., not frozen, broken ampoule) and a replacement is requested within 24 hours of receipt.

Donor Consenting:

Each donors consent included statements on the following:

  • Testing the cells’ DNA (this is referred to as the cell’s genetic code or sequence) and making the information known to other researchers
  • Changing some of the genetic code or sequence within these cells
  • Using cells to test or select drugs to treat disease
  • Transplanting cells or resulting products to humans or animals
  • Distributing cells widely (nationally and internationally) for research, training orcommercial medical product development
  • Future research and uses unforeseen at this time

 Licensing Agreements:

Commercial institutions must complete a Licensing Agreement, Academic and Non-Profits who plan on performing high throughput screening must also complete the a Licensing Agreement. 

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