The world’s largest human pluripotent stem cell  bank!

What makes these samples unique?    

 Non-integrating episomal reprogramming

  Reprogramming and quality control performed by a single entity

  Majority of donors screened and negative for HIV, HBV, and HCV*.

  Licensed iPSC lines ensure Freedom to Operate for commercial entities.

  Detailed demographic and clinical data available.

*Donors under the age of 18 could opt out of HIV testing; all HCV-positive donors submitted skin punches, not peripheral blood, and were not screened for any infectious agents due to small volume of blood present in punches. HIV Opt Out Donors     


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New Disease-specific iPSCs

Addition of New Disease Cohorts

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Samples with additional clones available


M  F  

African American, American Indian, Caucasian

Blinding Eye Disease

M    F

African American,  AsianCaucasianHispanic/LatinoOther


M    F

African American,  Asian Caucasian,  Hispanic LatinoOther

Liver Disease

M    F

African AmericanAmerican IndianAsianCaucasianFilipinoMore than on race

Lung Disease

M    F

Asian,  BlackCaucasian

Neurodevelopmental Disorders 

M    F

African AmericanAsian,  Asiatic IndianCaucasianOther


M    F

African American,  AsianCaucasianFilipinoMore than one raceOther