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           Title: Cellular Senescence limits Translational Readthrough

           Samples Used: I90

           Title: Acquired Radioresistance in Cancer Associated Fibroblasts is Concomitant with Enhanced Antioxidant Potential and DNA Repair Capacity

           Samples UsedAG01522

           Title: Investigating spatial fractionation and radiation induced bystander effects: a mathematical modelling approach

           Samples Used: AG01522

           Title: Generation of gene edited hiPSC from familial Alzheimer's disease patient carrying N141I missense mutation in presenilin 2

           Samples UsedAG09908

           Title: Modeling Sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease in Human Brain Organoids under Serum Exposure

           Samples UsedAG06869, AG14048, and AG10884

           Title: Cellular junction and mesenchymal factors delineate an endometriosis-specific response of endometrial stromal cells to the mesothelium

           Samples UsedAG07086

           Title: High concordance in preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy between automatic identification via Ion S5 and manual identification via Miseq

           Samples UsedAG12070

           Title: N-Acetylcysteine prevents amyloid-β secretion in neurons derived from human pluripotent stem cells with trisomy 21

           Samples UsedAG06892

           Title: Stable maintenance of the Mre11-Rad50-Nbs1 complex is sufficient to restore the DNA double-strand break response in cells lacking RecQL4 helicase activity

           Samples UsedAG09173

           Title: APOE4-carrying human astrocytes oversupply cholesterol to promote neuronal lipid raft expansion and Aβ generation

           Samples UsedAG09173

           Title: ZNF768 links oncogenic RAS to cellular senescence

           Samples UsedI90-10

           Title: Off-the-shelf proximity biotinylation for interaction proteomics

           Samples Used: AG08469

           Title: Generation of inducible pluripotent stem cell lines from Alzheimer’s disease patients with APOE e3/e3 genotype

           Samples UsedAG10039 and AG08242

           Title: CD147 mediates the CD44s-dependent differentiation of myofibroblasts driven by transforming growth factor-β1

           Samples UsedAG02262

           Title: Novel method of real-time PCR-based screening for common fetal trisomies

           Samples UsedAG05121, AG11552, AG07167, AG0801, and AG12070

           Title: Genotoxic stress in constitutive trisomies induces autophagy and the innate immune response via the cGAS-STING pathway

           Samples UsedAG04392 and AG21708

           Title: Impacts of Infectious Dose, Feeding Behavior, and Age of Culicoides sonorensis Biting Midges on Infection Dynamics of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus

           Samples UsedAG08113

           Title: NF-κB/IKK activation by small extracellular vesicles within the SASP

           Samples UsedAG16086, AG06240, AG13152, and AG13222

           Title: Progerin impairs 3D genome organization and induces fragile telomeres by limiting the dNTP pools

           Samples Used: AG06297, AG11498, and AG11513

           Title: BING, a novel antimicrobial peptide isolated from Japanese medaka plasma, targets bacterial envelope stress response by suppressing cpxR expression

           Samples UsedAG06858

           Title: A deep learning approach to identify gene targets of a therapeutic for human splicing disorders

           Samples UsedAG16409

           Title: Co-development of central and peripheral neurons with trunk mesendoderm in human elongating multi-lineage organized gastruloids

           Samples UsedAG08498

           Title: FOXM1 repression increases mitotic death upon antimitotic chemotherapy through BMF upregulation

           Samples UsedAG10884

           Title: Generation of six human iPSC lines from patients with a familial Alzheimer’s disease (n = 3) and sex- and age-matched healthy controls (n = 3)

           Samples UsedAG06840, AG06848, and AG09908

           Title: The nucleoplasmic interactions among Lamin A/C-pRB-LAP2α-E2F1 are modulated by dexamethasone

           Samples UsedAG09429

           Title: Human WRN is an intrinsic inhibitor of progerin, abnormal splicing product of lamin A

           Samples UsedAG09603 and AG05229

           Title: Macrophage Plasticity and Function in the Lung Tumour Microenvironment Revealed in 3D Heterotypic Spheroid and Explant Models

           Samples UsedAG02603

           Title: G-quadruplexes originating from evolutionary conserved L1 elements interfere with neuronal gene expression in Alzheimer’s disease

           Samples UsedAG04152, AG09602, AG08243, and AG08259

           Title: Statins as a Therapeutic Approach for the Treatment of Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum Patients: Evaluation of the Spectrum Efficacy of Atorvastatin In Vitro

           Samples Used: AG13145, AG11482, and AG14284

           Title: Mitovesicles are a novel population of extracellular vesicles of mitochondrial origin altered in Down syndrome

           Samples UsedAG07095

           Title: A small-molecule ICMT inhibitor delays senescence of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome cells

           Samples Used: GM01972, AG03513, AG03258, and AG03512

           Title: Fibroblasts from idiopathic Parkinson’s disease exhibit deficiency of lysosomal glucocerebrosidase activity associated with reduced levels of the trafficking receptor LIMP2

           Samples Used: AG11743, AG06959, AG04061, AG13220, AG04355, AG11489, AG07141, AG05265, AG06010, AG06241, AG06281, AG20439, and AG20445

           Title: Might Fibroblasts from Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease Reflect the Brain Pathology? A Focus on the Increased Phosphorylation of Amyloid Precursor Protein Tyr682 Residue

           Samples Used: AG07865, AG07871, AG08379, AG08517, AG08509, AG08125, AG07936, AG07928, AG08658, AG06846, AG08110, AG08563, AG08245, AG08064, AG08523, AG06840, AG07872, AG06848, AG04400, AG04401, AG06869, AG06844, AG10788, AG04402, AG20446, AG20442, AG08527, and AG04159

           Title: Progerinin, an optimized progerin-lamin A binding inhibitor, ameliorates premature senescence phenotypes of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome

           Samples UsedAG03198AG11513AG11498AG03199, and AG00038


           Title: Establishment human induced pluripotent stem cell line from idiopathic non-familial Parkinson’s disease patient using self-replicating RNA vector

           Samples UsedAG20442

           Title: Centrosome and ciliary abnormalities in fetal akinesia deformation sequence human fibroblasts

           Samples UsedAG05965 and AG01972

           Title: SAMMY-seq reveals early alteration of heterochromatin and deregulation of bivalent genes in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome

           Samples UsedAG08498 and AG07095

           Title: Exploring the potential of chitosan-based particles as delivery-carriers for promising antimicrobial glycolipid biosurfactants

           Samples UsedAG22719

           Title: Prolonged Glucocorticoid Exposure Does Not Accelerate Telomere Shortening in Cultured Human Fibroblasts

           Samples UsedI90-83

           Title: LSH mediates gene repression through macroH2A deposition

           Samples Used: AG06814

           Title: Large-Scale Topological Changes Restrain Malignant Progression in Colorectal Cancer

           Samples UsedAG06814

           Title: Oxidative cross-linking of fibronectin confers protease resistance and inhibits cellular migration

           Samples Used: I90

           Title: Modeling Human Cytomegalovirus-Induced Microcephaly in Human iPSC-Derived Brain Organoids

           Samples UsedAG14048 and I90-10

           Title: Lowered Cyclin E levels increase the efficiency and the specificity of capsaicin against

cancerous cells of mesothelium

           Samples Used: AG07086

           PDF available: here

           Title: Generation of human control iPSC line CHOPi004-A from juvenile foreskin fibroblast cells 

           Samples UsedAG07095

           Title: A method for differentiating human induced pluripotent stem cells toward functional cardiomyocytes in 96-well microplates

           Samples UsedAG05836

           Title: ESCRT-III controls nuclear envelope deformation induced by progerin

           Samples UsedAG03512 and AG11513

           Title: WRN modulates mRNA translation by influencing mRNA export from the nucleus through its interaction with the export receptor NXF1 in HeLa cancer cell

           Samples UsedAG06814

           Title: PAI-1-Dependent Inactivation of SMAD4-Modulated Junction and Adhesion Complex in Obese Endometrial Cancer

           Samples UsedAG17870

           Title: PICALM Rescues Endocytic Defects Caused by the Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Factor APOE4 

           Samples UsedAG07086

           Title: Ascites-induced compression alters the peritoneal microenvironment and promotes metastatic success in ovarian cancer 

           Samples UsedAG07086

           Title: Vulnerability of progeroid smooth muscle cells to biomechanical forces is mediated by MMP13 

           Samples UsedAG01972 and AG06917

           Title: Nucleolar disruption, activation of P53 and premature senescence in POLR3A-mutated Wiedemann-Rautenstrauch syndrome fibroblasts

           Samples UsedAG01972

           Title: Lamin A‐mediated nuclear lamina integrity is required for proper ciliogenesis 

           Samples UsedAG01972, AG08466AG11513AG06297AG06917AG03512, and AG03257

           Title: Biological Aging Modulates Cell Migration via Lamin A/C-Dependent Nuclear Motion

           Samples UsedAG09558 and AG09602

           Title: Highly accurate skin-specific methylome analysis algorithm as a platform to screen and validate therapeutics for healthy aging

           Samples UsedAG08434 and AG11725

           Title: Novel resveratrol derivatives have diverse effects on the survival, proliferation and senescence of primary human fibroblasts

           Samples UsedAG05965

           Title: Apolipoprotein D-mediated preservation of lysosomal function promotes cell survival and delays motor impairment in Niemann-Pick type A disease

           Samples UsedAG07323

           Title: Lysosome Associated Protein Transmembrane 4B (LAPTM4B)-24 is the predominant protein isoform in human tissues and undergoes rapid, nutrient-regulated turnover 

           Samples UsedAG08498

           Title: Cytoskeleton stiffness regulates cellular senescence and innate immune response in Hutchinson–Gilford Progeria Syndrome

           Samples UsedAG03513, AG06917,AG08466, AG08468, AG08469,  and AG08470

           Title: Fully Phased Sequence of a Diploid Human Genome Determined de Novo from the DNA of a Single Individual 

           Samples UsedAG06814

           Title: Generation of human induced pluripotent stem cell line from Alzheimer’s disease patient with PSEN2 N141I mutation using integration-free non-viral method

           Samples UsedAG09908

           Title: Reacquisition of a spindle cell shape does not lead to the restoration of a youthful state in senescent human skin fibroblasts

           Samples Used: AG05397

           Title: Reacquisition of a spindle cell shape does not lead to the restoration of a youthful state in senescent human skin fibroblasts 

           Samples UsedAG16086, AG06240, AG13152, AG13222, AG11572, AG06917, AG07493, and AG10677

           Title: Reacquisition of a spindle cell shape does not lead to the restoration of a youthful state in senescent human skin fibroblasts

           Samples UsedAG01523

           Title: Repetitive elements as a transcriptomic marker of aging: Evidence in multiple datasets and models

           Samples UsedAG09843 and AG11748

           Title: Pathogenic variants in EP300 and ANKRD11 in patients with phenotypes overlapping Cornelia de Lange syndrome

           Samples UsedAG09393 and AG14730

           Title: Naked mole-rat very-high-molecular-mass hyaluronan exhibits superior cytoprotective properties

           Samples UsedI90-78

           Title: Restoration of lysosomal function after damage is accompanied by recycling of lysosomal membrane proteins

           Samples Used: AG01518

           Title: BCL-xL/BCL2L1 is a critical anti-apoptotic protein that promotes the survival of differentiating pancreatic cells from human pluripotent stem cells

           Samples UsedAG16102

           Title: Impaired Myofibroblast Dedifferentiation Contributes to Non-Resolving Fibrosis in Aging 

           Samples UsedI90-83 and I90-53

           Title: Bioprospecting Sponge-Associated Marine Cyanobacteria to Produce Bioactive Compounds

           Samples UsedAG01523

           Title: Hydrogen Peroxide Mediates Artemisinin-Derived C-16 Carba-Dimer-Induced Toxicity of Human Cancer Cells

           Samples UsedAG01522

           Title: Unraveling LMNA Mutations in Metabolic Syndrome: Cellular Phenotype and Clinical Pitfalls

           Samples UsedAG07095 and AG09309

           Title: Human-Induced Neurons from Presenilin 1 Mutant Patients Model Aspects of Alzheimer's Disease Pathology

           Samples Used: AG09429, AG02262, AG08711, AG08270, and AG08446

           Title: Cancer cell-intrinsic function of CD177 in attenuating β-catenin signaling

           Samples UsedAG11132

           Title: Defective Mitochondrial Pyruvate Flux Affects Cell Bioenergetics in Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Models

           Samples Used: AG09908, AG08525, AG08269, and AG09173

           Title: Hyaluronidase-2 Regulates RhoA Signalling, Myofibroblast Contractility and other Key Pro-fibrotic Myofibroblast Functions

           Samples UsedAG02262

           Title: Persistent DNA damage triggers activation of the integrated stress response to promote cell survival under nutrient restriction

           Samples Used: AG09319 and AG16409

           Title: Activin A-Mediated Regulation of XT-I in Human Skin Fibroblasts

           Samples Used: AG14284 and AG13145

           Title: PRMT5 silencing selectively affects MTAP-deleted mesothelioma: In vitro evidence of a novel promising approach

           Samples UsedAG07086

           Title: Genetic correction of Werner syndrome gene reveals impaired pro-angiogenic function and HGF insufficiency in mesenchymal stem cells

           Samples UsedAG00780

           Title: Dysregulation of the retromer complex system in Down syndrome

           Samples Used: AG04823 and AG08498

           Title: Venereal Transmission of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus by Culicoides sonorensis Midges

           Samples UsedAG08113

           Title: Novel and prevalent non-East Asian ALDH2 variants; Implications for global susceptibility to aldehydes’ toxicity

           Samples UsedAG07123


           Title: A nuclear lamina‐chromatin‐Ran GTPase axis modulates nuclear import and DNA damage signaling

           Samples UsedAG01972, AG11498, AG03199 and  AG08469

           Title: Predicting age from the transcriptome of human dermal fibroblasts

           Samples UsedAG08498, AG13153, AG12207, AG13234, AG14251, AG12587, AG13144AG16102AG13967AG16358AG04386AG13066AG04457AG04063, AG05413, AG16409AG11745AG04661AG11698AG05274AG13244, AG06276, AG11484, AG11725, AG11162AG11730, AG11556, AG11744, AG12954, AG12947AG11154, AG04143, AG12989, AG09843AG13962, AG11748, AG12493, AG13349, AG12602, AG04662, AG05247, AG05248AG10884AG11732, AG11017, AG11808, AG09975, AG13225, AG04065, AG11735, AG11357, AG06308AG12597AG13129, AG07124, AG12588, AG13208, AG09860, AG13065, AG06291, AG04461AG12788, AG09559, AG07725AG04054, AG12599, AG04064, AG07478, AG13018AG09602AG16086, AG08433AG09599, AG04059 and AG09605

           Title: ATM activation is impaired in human cells defective in RecQL4 helicase activity

           Samples UsedAG17524

           Title: Frenolicin B Targets Peroxiredoxin 1 and Glutaredoxin 3 to Trigger ROS/4E-BP1-Mediated Antitumor Effects

           Samples UsedI91L-16 and  AG06173

           Title: A disease causing ATLASTIN 3 mutation affects multiple endoplasmic reticulum-related pathways

           Samples UsedAG13334 and  AG04151

           Title: Autophagic cell death restricts chromosomal instability during replicative crisis

           Samples UsedAG06814-N

           Title: Fibrin-Targeted Polymerized Shell Microbubbles as Potential Theranostic Agents for Surgical Adhesions

           Samples UsedAG07086

           Title: REST and Neural Gene Network Dysregulation in iPSC Models of Alzheimer’s Disease

           Samples UsedAG04455, AG08125, AG08379, AG08509, AG14244, AG09173, AG06869AG07376AG21158,

           AG08243 and  AG10788

           Title: Extranuclear DNA accumulates in aged cells and contributes to senescence and inflammation

           Samples UsedAG04392, AG04433, AG04525, AG06555, AG02496, AG03058, AG04405AG10578, AG11513,

           AG03513 and AG00989

           Title: Chromosome alignment maintenance requires the MAP RECQL4, mutated in the Rothmund–Thomson


           Samples UsedAG05013 and  AG18371

           Title: Corticosteroids inhibit Mycobacterium tuberculosis-induced necrotic host cell death by abrogating

           mitochondrial membrane permeability transition

           Samples UsedAG05965

           Title: Familial Alzheimer’s disease-linked presenilin mutants and intracellular Ca2+ handling: A single-organelle,

           FRET-based analysis

           Samples Used: AG09908, AG08525, AG06840 and  AG08539

           Title: Progerin accelerates atherosclerosis by inducing endoplasmic reticulum stress in vascular smooth muscle


           Samples UsedAG06297

           Title: Analysis of somatic mutations identifies signs of selection during the in vitro aging of primary dermal


           Samples UsedAG13077, AG08433, AG10579 and  AG07091

           Title: A pleiotropic role for exosomes loaded with the amyloid β precursor protein carboxyl-terminal fragments in

           in the brain of Down syndrome patients

           Samples Used: AG06922 and  AG07095

           Title: mTOR hyperactivation in Down Syndrome underlies deficits in autophagy induction, autophagosome

           formation, and mitophagy

           Samples UsedAG06922, AG07095, AG07096 and  AG04823


           Title: Sp1 phosphorylation by ATM downregulates BER and promotes cell elimination in response to persistent

           DNA damage

           Samples Used: AG06173

           Title: Everolimus rescues multiple cellular defects in laminopathy-patient fibroblasts

           Samples UsedAG04110

           Title: SCAMP4 enhances the senescent cell secretome

           Samples UsedAG04110

           Title: Meganuclease targeting of PCSK9 in macaque liver leads to stable reduction in serum cholesterol

           Samples UsedAG07095

           Title: Disease-associated short tandem repeats co-localize with chromatin domain boundaries

           Samples UsedAG06103

           Title: Landscape of the complete RNA chemical modifications in the human 80S ribosome

           Samples UsedAG04645 and AG03738

           Title: Replication stress shapes a protective chromatin environment across fragile genomic regions

           Samples Used: I90-15

           Title: Merkel cell polyomavirus infection of animal dermal fibroblasts

           Samples Used: AG05308, AG05356, and AG06116

           Title: LONGO: an R package for interactive gene length dependent analysis for neuronal identity

           Samples UsedAG04148

           Title: Increased MMP activity in curved geometries disrupts the endothelial cell glycocalyx creating a

           proinflammatory environment

           Samples UsedAG09799