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           Title: Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Elicits Early Transcriptome Response in Culicoides sonorensis Cells

           Samples Used: AG08113

           Title: UGDH promotes tumor-initiating cells and a fibroinflammatory tumor microenvironment in ovarian cancer

           Samples Used: AG07090

           Title: α-Synuclein-dependent increases in PIP5K1γ drive inositol signaling to promote neurotoxicity

           Samples Used: AG20445

           Title: The Apolipoprotein E neutralizing antibody inhibits SARS-CoV-2 infection by blocking cellular entry of lipoviral particles

           Samples Used: AG14048, AG06869

           Title: Evaluation of potential reference genes in the biting midge Culicoides sonorensis for real-time quantitative PCR analyses

           Samples Used: AG08113

           Title: PTBP2 attenuation facilitates fibroblast to neuron conversion by promoting alternative splicing of neuronal genes

           Samples Used: AG22056AG04451AG16146AG04452AG02603

           Title: Typhoid toxin hijacks Wnt5a to establish host senescence and Salmonella infection

           Samples Used: I90

           Title: The YAP-TEAD complex promotes senescent cell survival by lowering endoplasmic reticulum stress

           Samples Used: AG07086

           Title: BACE1 and SCD1 are associated with neurodegeneration

           Samples Used: AG13145, AG11482, AG14284, AG12786

           Title: A loss-of-function mutation in human Oxidation Resistance 1 disrupts the spatial-temporal regulation of histone arginine methylation in neurodevelopment

           Samples Used: AG05836

           Title: ApoE4-dependent lysosomal cholesterol accumulation impairs mitochondrial homeostasis and oxidative phosphorylation in human astrocytes

           Samples Used: AG10788

           Title: Senescence, regulators of alternative splicing and effects of trametinib treatment in progeroid syndromes

           Samples Used: AG06917, AG05233

           Title: Developing a human iPSC-derived three-dimensional myelin spheroid platform for modeling myelin diseases

           Samples Used: I90

           Title: BACE1 and SCD1 are associated with neurodegeneration

           Samples Used: AG07086

           Title: Controlled and customizable baculovirus NOS3 gene delivery using PVA-based hydrogel systems

           Samples Used: AG14133

           Title: Synthesis, cytotoxic activity evaluation and mechanistic investigation of novel 3,7-diarylsubstituted 6-azaindoles

           Samples Used: AG01523

           Title: BACE1 and SCD1 are associated with neurodegeneration

           Samples Used: Unspecified

           Title: Correlating cryo-super resolution radial fluctuations and dual-axis cryo-scanning transmission electron tomography to bridge the light-electron resolution gap

           Samples Used: AG06814

           Title: Scalable production of tissue-like vascularized liver organoids from human PSCs

           Samples UsedAG05836

           Title: A novel molecular class that recruits HDAC/MECP2 complexes to PU.1 motifs reduces neuroinflammation

           Samples Used: AG09173

           Title: Enhanced cell viscosity: A new phenotype associated with lamin A/C alterations

           Samples Used: AG06795, AG06917

           Title: Development of a three-dimensional organoid model to explore early retinal phenotypes associated with Alzheimer's disease

           Samples Used: AG25367, AG25370

           Title: Human iPS cell-derived sensory neurons can be infected by SARS-CoV-2

           Samples Used: AG07095

           Title: Thoracic adipose tissue contributes to severe virus infection of the lung

           Samples Used: I90

           Title: Mass Cytometry as a Tool for Investigating Senescence in Multiple Model Systems

           Samples Used: AG06814

           Title: Supercritical millifluidic process for siRNA encapsulation in nanoliposomes for potential Progeria treatment (ex-vivo assays)

           Samples Used: AG07095

           Title: Influence of the Hypersensitivity to Low Dose Phenomenon on the Tumor Response to Hypofractionated Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy

           Samples Used: AG01521

           Title: Influenza Virus-Induced Paracrine Cellular Senescence of the Lung Contributes to Enhanced Viral Load

           Samples Used: I90

           Title: FGFR-mediated ERK1/2 signaling contributes to mesendoderm and definitive endoderm formation in vitro

           Samples Used: AG22719

           Title: Biological Activities of Ceratonia siliqua Pod and Seed Extracts: A Comparative Analysis of Two Cretan Cultivars

           Samples Used: AG01523

           Title: Lysosomal dysfunction in Down syndrome and Alzheimer mouse models is caused by v-ATPase inhibition by Tyr682-phosphorylated APP βCTF

           Samples Used: AG06922, AG07095, AG07096

           Title: Autophagy Inhibition via Hydroxychloroquine or 3-Methyladenine Enhances Chemotherapy-Induced Apoptosis in Neuro-Blastoma and Glioblastoma

           Samples Used: AG09309

           Title: Early chromosome condensation by XIST builds A-repeat RNA density that facilitates gene silencing

           Samples Used: AG06173

           Title: Astrocytic response mediated by the CLU risk allele inhibits OPC proliferation and myelination in a human iPSC model

           Samples Used: AG14048, AG06869

           Title: Third-Generation Single-Molecule Sequencing for Preimplantation Genetic Testing of Aneuploidy and Segmental Imbalances

           Samples Used: AG17487

           Title: Biallelic variants in CRIPT cause a Rothmund-Thomson-like syndrome with increased cellular senescence

           Samples Used: AG05013, AG18371, AG17524

           Title: Chemically induced reprogramming to reverse cellular aging

           Samples Used: AG08433, AG11498, AG27602

           Title: An engineered T-cell engager with selectivity for high mesothelin-expressing cells and activity in the presence of soluble mesothelin

           Samples Used: AG07086

           Title: Empagliflozin reduces endoplasmic reticulum stress associated TXNIP/NLRP3 activation in tunicamycin-stimulated aortic endothelial cells

           Samples Used: AG09799

           Title: Nicotinamide N-methyltransferase Mediates Lipofibroblast-Myofibroblast Transition and Apoptosis Resistance

           Samples Used: I90

           Title: FGFR-mediated ERK1/2 signaling contributes to mesendoderm and definitive endoderm formation in vitro

           Samples Used: AG16102

           Title: Senotherapeutic peptide treatment reduces biological age and senescence burden in human skin models

           Samples Used: AG05311

           Title: Deciphering Stromal Changes between Metastatic and Non-metastatic Canine Mammary Carcinomas

           Samples Used: AG06173

           Title: A recurrent homozygous LMNA missense variant p.Thr528Met causes atypical progeroid syndrome characterized by mandibuloacral dysostosis, severe muscular dystrophy, and skeletal deformities

           Samples Used: AG08498

           Title: Toward an Early Diagnosis for Alzheimer’s Disease Based on the Perinuclear Localization of the ATM Protein

           Samples Used: AG17524, AG01972, AG06300, AG11415, AG21158, AG06840, AG06844, AG06848, AG06869, AG07376, AG08170, AG08541, AG09908

           Title: Machine learning approaches based on fibroblast morphometry do not predict ALS

           Samples Used: AG13244, AG12598, AG13285, AG14284, AG11482, AG13150, AG13968, AG12657, AG12597, AG12851, AG11489, AG12964, AG12850, AG13144, AG13994, AG14048, AG13348, AG13990

           Title: Single-Molecule Telomere Assay via Optical Mapping (SMTA-OM) Can Potentially Define the ALT Positivity of Cancer

           Samples Used: I90

           Title: DPP4 inhibition impairs senohemostasis to improve plaque stability in atherosclerotic mice 

           Samples Used: AG06814

           Title: Cellular allostatic load is linked to increased energy expenditure and accelerated biological aging

           Samples Used: AG01439

           Title: A simple, flexible, and high-efficiency western blot analysis for age-related human induced neurons

           Samples Used: AG08517

           Title: In search for mitochondrial biomarkers of Parkinson's disease: Findings in parkin-mutant human fibroblasts

           Samples Used: AG14285, AG13145, AG06010

           Title: Pooled analysis of frontal lobe transcriptomic data identifies key mitophagy gene changes in Alzheimer's disease brain

           Samples Used: AG02261, AG16086, AG07377, AG06263

           Title: Three induced pluripotent stem cell lines (TRNDi033-A, TRNDi034-A, TRNDi035-A) generated from lymphoblasts of three apparently healthy individuals

           Samples Used: AG14724, AG20473

           Title: SERCA2 phosphorylation at serine 663 is a key regulator of Ca2+ homeostasis in heart diseases

           Samples Used: AG08498

           Title: Oxidation of Hydrogen Sulfide to Polysulfide and Thiosulfate by a Carbon Nanozyme: Therapeutic Implications with an Emphasis on Down Syndrome

           Samples Used: AG10317, AG09802, AG09394

           Title: Developing Hypoimmunogenic Human iPSC-Derived Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells as an Off-The-Shelf Cell Therapy for Myelin Disorders

           Samples Used: I90

           Title: The spontaneous immortalization probability of mammalian cell culture strains, as their proliferative capacity, correlates with species body mass, not longevity

           Samples Used: AG07107, AG06252, AG07127, AG05251, AG08029, AG07906, AG08032, AG10466

           Title: Activation of endoplasmic reticulum stress in premature aging via the inner nuclear membrane protein SUN2

           Samples Used: AG08470AG08466

           Title: Senotherapeutic peptide treatment reduces biological age and senescence burden in human skin models

           Samples Used: AG05811, AG11725, AG08712

           Title: Heat shock proteins and cellular senescence in humans: A systematic review

           Samples Used: I90

           Title: Immediate effects of acute Mars mission equivalent doses of SEP and GCR radiation on the murine gastrointestinal system-protective effects of curcumin-loaded nanolipoprotein particles (cNLPs)

           Samples Used: AG05965

           Title: 3D ECM-Based Scaffolds Boost Young Cell Secretome-Derived EV Rejuvenating Effects in Senescent Cells

           Samples Used: AG09602

           Title: The E3 Ubiquitin Ligase TRIM21 Regulates Basal Levels of PDGFRβ

           Samples Used: AG01523

           Title: Age-Related Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopic Changes in Protein Conformation in an Aging Model of Human Dermal Fibroblasts

           Samples Used: AG22153, AG10803, AG02222, AG16102

           Title: Pleiotropic effects of BAFF on the senescence-associated secretome and growth arrest

           Samples Used: AG06814, I-90

           Title: Tau pathology epigenetically remodels the neuron-glial cross-talk in Alzheimer's disease

           Samples Used: AG11414, AG11368, AG08525, AG08509

           Title: 4-Methylumbelliferone-Functionalized Polyphosphazene and Its Assembly into Biocompatible Fluorinated Nanocoatings with Selective Antiproliferative Activity

           Samples Used: AG01519

           Title: Matrix Metalloproteinases Contribute to the Calcification Phenotype in Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum

           Samples Used: AG12786, AG13145, AG11482, AG14284, AG06307

           Title: Ageing-associated changes in transcriptional elongation influence longevity

           Samples Used: I90

           Title: Deregulation of ER-mitochondria contact formation and mitochondrial calcium homeostasis mediated by VDAC in fragile X syndrome

           Samples Used: AG01552

           Title: Requirement of transcription-coupled nucleotide excision repair for the removal of a specific type of oxidatively induced DNA damage

           Samples Used: AG10076

           Title: Assessment of neurotransmitter release in human iPSC-derived neuronal/glial cells: a missing in vitro assay for regulatory developmental neurotoxicity testing

           Samples Used: I-90

           Title: Senescence Induced by UVB in Keratinocytes Impairs Amino Acids Balance

           Samples Used: AG06814

           Title: Transcriptional activation of endogenous Oct4 via the CRISPR/dCas9 activator ameliorates Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome in mice

           Samples Used: AG11498

           Title: The Consideration of Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum as a Progeria Syndrome

           Samples Used: AG13145, AG11482, AG14284

           Title: Cell Attachment and Laminin Immobilization on Hydrogels Coated by Plasma Deposited Nitrogen, Oxygen or Sulfur Based Organic Thin Films

           Samples Used: AG04677

           Title: Machine learning dissection of human accelerated regions in primate neurodevelopment

           Samples Used: AG07095

           Title: The evolution of the human DNA replication timing program

           Samples Used: AG25370, NG03259, NG03344, NG03506, NG04103, NG05140, NG07091, NG07896, NG08006, NG17485, NG17487, NG20427, NG20429, NG20606, NG20607, NG20623, NG20625, NG20626, NG20627

           Title: Ginsenoside Rb2 suppresses cellular senescence of human dermal fibroblasts by inducing autophagy

           Samples Used: AG08498

           Title: Accurate Detection and Frequency of Abnormal Ploidy in the Human Blastocyst

           Samples UsedAG05025

           Title: A cell-penetrant peptide blocking C9ORF72-repeat RNA nuclear export reduces the neurotoxic effects of dipeptide repeat proteins

           Samples Used: AG08620

           Title: Model of collective detachment in high-grade serous ovarian cancer demonstrates that tumor spheroids produce ECM to support metastatic processes

           Samples Used: AG07086

           Title: Telomere-to-mitochondria signalling by ZBP1 mediates replicative crisis

           Samples Used: I-90, AG06814

           Title: Small-molecule Polθ inhibitors provide safe and effective tumor radiosensitization in preclinical models

           Samples Used: AG01552

           Title: Directed differentiation of human iPSCs to functional ovarian granulosa-like cells via transcription factor overexpression

           Samples Used: AG07141

           Title: Identification of a derivative of the alkaloid emetine as an inhibitor of the YAP-TEAD interaction and its potential as an anticancer agent

           Samples Used: AG07086

           Title: Systematic estimation of biological age of in vitro cell culture systems by an age-associated marker panel

           Samples Used: AG07095, AG09602, AG04059, AG03141, AG06300

           Title: The human inactive X chromosome modulates expression of the active X chromosome

           Samples Used: AG09389, AG10317, AG09393, AG17485, AG13455, AG14947, AG16945, AG08006, AG14724, AG15033, AG09802, AG14953, AG15782, AG15060, AG15013, AG08606, AG10316, AG14988

           Title: Hyaluronan-Induced CD44-iASPP Interaction Affects Fibroblast Migration and Survival

           Samples UsedAG01523

           Title: Selective ablation of primary and paracrine senescent cells by targeting iron dyshomeostasis

           Samples Used: AG09872, AG10774, AG10770

           Title: Fabrication of antibacterial and biocompatible 3D printed Manuka-Gelatin based patch for wound healing applications

           Samples Used: AG09319, AG22720

           Title: Unique progerin C-terminal peptide ameliorates Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome phenotype by rescuing BUBR1

           Samples UsedAG09602

           Title: Regulation of Mesenchymal Cell Fate by Transfer of Active Gasdermin-D via Monocyte-Derived Extracellular Vesicles

           Samples UsedI90-10

           Title: Multi-omic integration reveals cell-type-specific regulatory networks of insulin resistance in distinct ancestry populations

           Samples Used: AG17928, AG17929

           Title: Neuroprotective Effects of Licochalcone D in Oxidative-Stress-Induced Primitive Neural Stem Cells from Parkinson's Disease Patient-Derived iPSCs

           Samples Used: AG02261

           Title: Intraperitoneal administration of cabazitaxel-loaded nanoparticles in peritoneal metastasis models

           Samples Used: AG07086

           Title: Rescue of Mitochondrial Function in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome by the Pharmacological Modulation of Exportin CRM1

           Samples Used: AG08469, AG11513, AG11498

           Title: Anti-hsa-miR-59 alleviates premature senescence associated with Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome in mice

           Samples Used: AG05247, AG09602

           Title: Characterization of cellular phenotypes in neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells of male patients with Fabry disease

           Samples Used: AG08498

           Title: Identification of marker genes to monitor residual iPSCs in iPSC-derived products

           Samples Used: AG09429

           Title: Deubiquitinase USP2 stabilizes the MRE11-RAD50-NBS1 complex at DNA double-strand break sites by counteracting the ubiquitination of NBS1

           Samples Used: AG17524, AG18371

           Title: Low dose hyper-radiosensitivity in normal human cells

           Samples UsedAG01522


           Title: Transcriptional profiling of Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria syndrome fibroblasts reveals deficits in mesenchymal stem cell commitment to differentiation related to early events in endochondral ossification

           Samples Used: AG01178, AG03198, AG06917, AG07493, AG08466, AG10578, AG10677, AG11572, AG11513, AG11513, AG03257

           Title: Nuclear envelope morphology change upon repetitive treatment with modified antisense oligonucleotides targeting Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome

           Samples Used: AG03513

           Title: Rapid emergence of transcriptional heterogeneity upon molecular stress predisposes cells to two distinct states of senescence

           Samples Used: I90

           Title: Oxidative Damage Induced Telomere Mediated Genomic Instability in Cells from Ataxia Telangiectasia Patients

           Samples Used: AG04405, AG03059

           Title: A Polymeric Nanoparticle Formulation for Targeted mRNA Delivery to Fibroblasts

           Samples Used: AG08468

           Title: Protocol to image and quantify nucleocytoplasmic transport in cultured cells using fluorescent in situ hybridization and a dual reporter system

           Samples Used: AG07473

           Title: An open access, machine learning pipeline for high-throughput quantification of cell morphology

           Samples Used: I90

           Title: The metastatic capacity of high-grade serous ovarian cancer cells changes along disease progression: inhibition by mifepristone

           Samples Used: AG06814

           Title: Protein mishandling and impaired lysosomal proteolysis generated through calcium dysregulation in Alzheimer's disease

           Samples Used:

           Title: Zinc controls PML nuclear body formation through regulation of a paralog specific auto-inhibition in SUMO1

           Samples Used:

           Title: miR-4734 conditionally suppresses ER stress-associated proinflammatory responses

           Samples Used: AG14608

           Title: Alginate Microsphere Encapsulation of Drug-Loaded Nanoparticles: A Novel Strategy for Intraperitoneal Drug Delivery

           Samples Used: AG07086

           Title: Suppressing gain-of-function proteins via CRISPR/Cas9 system in SCA1 cells

           Samples Used: AG21802, AG21754, AG21805

           Title: New human ATM variants are able to regain ATM functions in ataxia telangiectasia disease

           Samples Used: AG09429

           Title: The Heterochromatin protein 1 is a regulator in RNA splicing precision deficient in ulcerative colitis

           Samples Used:

           Title: Impact of the redox environment on propagation of radiation bystander effects: The modulating effect of oxidative metabolism and oxygen partial pressure

           Samples Used: AG01522

           Title: Inflammation as a chemoprevention target in asbestos-induced malignant mesothelioma

           Samples Used: AG07086

           Title: ATRX modulates the escape from a telomere crisis

           Samples Used: AG05965

           Title: Oxidative Stress Kinase Activation and Impaired Insulin Receptor Signaling Precede Overt Alzheimer's Disease Neuropathology

           Samples Used: AG25367, AG27606

           Title: Cell division drives DNA methylation loss in late-replicating domains in primary human cells

           Samples Used: AG06561, AG21859, AG21839, AG21837, AG11182, AG11546, AG16146

           Title: Morphometric imaging biomarker identifies Alzheimer's disease even among mixed dementia patients

           Samples Used: AG05770, AG08245, AG08527, AG06840, AG04159, AG06844, AG10788, AG06869, AG11368, AG05810, AG08395, AG06274, AG09977, AG11730, AG12927, AG12998, AG04146, AG07123, AG13358, AG04461, AG07714, AG12438, AG05840

           Title: Analysis of Primary Cilium Expression and Hedgehog Pathway Activation in Mesothelioma Throws Back Its Complex Biology

           Samples Used: AG07086

           Title: Age-related Huntington’s disease progression modeled in directly reprogrammed patient-derived striatal neurons highlights impaired autophagy

           Samples Used: AG04453, AG10047, AG12956, AG08379, AG11798

           Title: Transient inhibition of p53 enhances prime editing and cytosine base-editing efficiencies in human pluripotent stem cells

           Samples Used: AG01972

           Title: APOE ε4-dependent effects on the early amyloid pathology in induced neurons of patients with Alzheimer’s disease

           Samples Used: AG06848, AG09908, AG05810, AG05770

           Title: Excessive negative regulation of type I interferon disrupts viral control in individuals with Down syndrome

           Samples Used: AG08942

           Title: Long-range phasing of dynamic, tissue-specific and allele-specific regulatory elements

           Samples Used: AG04450

           Title: Agent-Based Modeling Predicts Rac1 Is Critical For Ovarian Cancer Metastasis

           Samples Used: AG07086

           Title: Lamin A/C impairments cause mitochondrial dysfunction by attenuating PGC1α and the NAMPT-NAD+ pathway

           Samples Used: AG03258, AG03198, AG03512, AG03513, AG06299, AG06917

           Title: SerpinE1 drives a cell-autonomous pathogenic signaling in Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome

           Samples Used: AG11513, AG07095

           Title: Assuring the Biofunctionalization of Silicone Covalently Bonded to Rhamnolipids: Antibiofilm Activity and Biocompatibility

           Samples Used: AG22719

           Title: The function of FUS in neurodevelopment revealed by the brain and spinal cord organoids

           Samples Used: AG07121

           Title: Nuclear morphology is a deep learning biomarker of cellular senescence

           Samples Used: AG08498

           Title: The lysosomal proteome of senescent cells contributes to the senescence secretome

           Samples Used: I90

           Title: LINE-1 RNA causes heterochromatin erosion and is a target for amelioration of senescent phenotypes in progeroid syndromes

           Samples Used: AG06234, AG10108, AG09309, AG10803, AG03257, AG06917, AG11498, AG10578, AG11572, AG06297, AG041100, AG00989, AG00990, AG09233, AG12798, AG24467, AG06300, AG00780, AG05229

           Title: Zinc controls PML nuclear body formation through regulation of a paralog specific auto-inhibition in SUMO1

           Samples UsedI90

           Title: Activation of the JNKs/ATM-p53 axis is indispensable for the cytoprotection of dermal fibroblasts exposed to UVB radiation

           Samples UsedAG01523

           Title: Role of the cystathionine β-synthase / H2S pathway in the development of cellular metabolic dysfunction and pseudohypoxia in down syndrome

           Samples UsedAG07096 AG05397

           Title: APOE4-carrying human astrocytes oversupply cholesterol to promote neuronal lipid raft expansion and Aβ generation

           Samples UsedAG09173

           Title: Bonding antimicrobial rhamnolipids onto medical grade PDMS: A strategy to overcome multispecies vascular catheter-related infections

           Samples UsedAG22719

           Title: N-oleoylethanolamide treatment of lymphoblasts deficient in Tafazzin improves cell growth and mitochondrial morphology and dynamics

           Samples UsedAG15022 AG14731 AG14948 AG14750 AG14947

           Title: Comparison of Endemic and Epidemic Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Lineages in Culicoides sonorensis Midges

           Samples UsedAG08113

           Title: miR-376a-3p and miR-376b-3p overexpression in Hutchinson-Gilford progeria fibroblasts inhibits cell proliferation and induces premature senescence

           Samples UsedAG11513 AG11498 AG08498 AG07095 AG08471

           Title: MPTAC links alkylation damage signaling to sterol biosynthesis

           Samples UsedAG14953

           Title: Detection of Pathological Markers of Neurodegenerative Diseases following Microfluidic Direct Conversion of Patient Fibroblasts into Neurons

           Samples UsedAG11732 AG04062 AG04060 AG04148 AG07141 AG07801 AG09602 AG08711 AG06848 AG06840 AG20442 AG20446 AG20443 AG08395

           Title: ATase inhibition rescues age-associated proteotoxicity of the secretory pathway

           Samples UsedAG01521 AG08498 AG07095 AG06282 AG12954 AG07118 AG13093 AG05840 AG04357 AG11743 AG09879 AG12997 AG11725 AG13077 AG10884 AG07725 AG09602 AG08433

           Title: Salt-Inducible Kinase 1 is a potential therapeutic target in Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor

           Samples UsedAG07086


           Title: Compound screen identifies the small molecule Q34 as an inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2 infection

           Samples UsedAG06869

           Title: Combination of Melatonin and Small Molecules Improved Reprogramming Neural Cell Fates via Autophagy Activation

           Samples UsedAG08379 AG09019

           Title: New bioactive 5-arylcarboximidamidopyrazolo[3,4-c]pyridines: Synthesis, cytotoxic activity, mechanistic investigation and structure-activity relationships

           Samples UsedAG01523

           Title: STING regulates peripheral nerve regeneration and colony stimulating factor 1 receptor (CSF1R) processing in microglia

           Samples UsedAG09429

           Title: The multicellular signalling network of ovarian cancer metastases

           Samples UsedAG07086

           Title: Inactivity of peptidase ClpP causes primary accumulation of mitochondrial disaggregase ClpX with its interactors at the nucleoid and RNA granule

           Samples UsedAG06103 AG02261 AG06858

           Title: Ultraviolet Radiation Protection Potentials of Methylene Blue for Human Skin and Coral Reef Health

           Samples UsedAG09266 AG11695 AG08434 AG11725

           Title: Down-syndrome-induced senescence disrupts the nuclear architecture of neural progenitors

           Samples UsedAG05397 AG06922

           Title: Accumulation of APP-CTF induces mitophagy dysfunction in the iNSCs model of Alzheimer’s disease

           Samples UsedAG09035

           Title: Novel patient-derived models of desmoplastic small round cell tumor confirm a targetable dependency on ERBB signaling

           Samples UsedAG07086

           Title: Human pluripotent stem cell-derived functional sympathetic neurons express ACE2 and RAAS components: a framework for studying the effect of COVID-19 on sympathetic responsiveness

           Samples UsedAG02602

           Title: Endotype reversal as a novel strategy for screening drugs targeting familial Alzheimer’s disease

           Samples UsedAG06840

           Title: A Rare Mutation in LMNB2 Associated with Lipodystrophy Drives Premature Cell Senescence

           Samples UsedAG09309

           Title: In vivo base editing rescues Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome in mice

           Samples UsedAG03257

           Title: Systematic screening identifies therapeutic antisense oligonucleotides for Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome

           Samples UsedAG06297

           Title: Trisomy 21 impairs PGE2 production in dermal fibroblasts

           Samples UsedAG07438 AG05024 AG07095 AG06922 AG10803 AG08942 AG06103

           Title: Nuclear Transport Factor 2 (NTF2) suppresses WM983B metastatic melanoma by modifying cell migration, metastasis, and gene expression

           Samples UsedAG21857

           Title: Non-human primate adenoviruses of the Human Adenovirus B species are potent and broadly-acting oncolytic vector candidates

           Samples UsedAG05965

           Title: Novel patient-derived models of DSRCT enable validation of ERBB signaling as a potential therapeutic vulnerability

           Samples UsedAG07086

           Title: Genome-wide screening in human kidney organoids identifies developmental and disease-related aspects of nephrogenesis

           Samples UsedAG09429

           Title: Non-invasive prenatal screening for foetal trisomy: An assessment of reliability and reporting

           Samples UsedAG09387 AG09394

           Title: Cellular Senescence limits Translational Readthrough

           Samples Used: I90

           Title: Acquired Radioresistance in Cancer Associated Fibroblasts is Concomitant with Enhanced Antioxidant Potential and DNA Repair Capacity

           Samples UsedAG01522

           Title: Investigating spatial fractionation and radiation induced bystander effects: a mathematical modelling approach

           Samples Used: AG01522

           Title: Generation of gene edited hiPSC from familial Alzheimer's disease patient carrying N141I missense mutation in presenilin 2

           Samples UsedAG09908

           Title: Modeling Sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease in Human Brain Organoids under Serum Exposure

           Samples UsedAG06869, AG14048, and AG10884

           Title: Cellular junction and mesenchymal factors delineate an endometriosis-specific response of endometrial stromal cells to the mesothelium

           Samples UsedAG07086

           Title: High concordance in preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy between automatic identification via Ion S5 and manual identification via Miseq

           Samples UsedAG12070

           Title: N-Acetylcysteine prevents amyloid-β secretion in neurons derived from human pluripotent stem cells with trisomy 21

           Samples UsedAG06892

           Title: Stable maintenance of the Mre11-Rad50-Nbs1 complex is sufficient to restore the DNA double-strand break response in cells lacking RecQL4 helicase activity

           Samples UsedAG09173

           Title: APOE4-carrying human astrocytes oversupply cholesterol to promote neuronal lipid raft expansion and Aβ generation

           Samples UsedAG09173

           Title: ZNF768 links oncogenic RAS to cellular senescence

           Samples UsedI90-10

           Title: Off-the-shelf proximity biotinylation for interaction proteomics

           Samples Used: AG08469

           Title: Generation of inducible pluripotent stem cell lines from Alzheimer’s disease patients with APOE e3/e3 genotype

           Samples UsedAG10039 and AG08242

           Title: CD147 mediates the CD44s-dependent differentiation of myofibroblasts driven by transforming growth factor-β1

           Samples UsedAG02262

           Title: Novel method of real-time PCR-based screening for common fetal trisomies

           Samples UsedAG05121, AG11552, AG07167, AG0801, and AG12070

           Title: Genotoxic stress in constitutive trisomies induces autophagy and the innate immune response via the cGAS-STING pathway

           Samples UsedAG04392 and AG21708

           Title: Impacts of Infectious Dose, Feeding Behavior, and Age of Culicoides sonorensis Biting Midges on Infection Dynamics of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus

           Samples UsedAG08113

           Title: NF-κB/IKK activation by small extracellular vesicles within the SASP

           Samples UsedAG16086, AG06240, AG13152, and AG13222

           Title: Progerin impairs 3D genome organization and induces fragile telomeres by limiting the dNTP pools

           Samples Used: AG06297, AG11498, and AG11513

           Title: BING, a novel antimicrobial peptide isolated from Japanese medaka plasma, targets bacterial envelope stress response by suppressing cpxR expression

           Samples UsedAG06858

           Title: A deep learning approach to identify gene targets of a therapeutic for human splicing disorders

           Samples UsedAG16409

           Title: Co-development of central and peripheral neurons with trunk mesendoderm in human elongating multi-lineage organized gastruloids

           Samples UsedAG08498

           Title: FOXM1 repression increases mitotic death upon antimitotic chemotherapy through BMF upregulation

           Samples UsedAG10884

           Title: Generation of six human iPSC lines from patients with a familial Alzheimer’s disease (n = 3) and sex- and age-matched healthy controls (n = 3)

           Samples UsedAG06840, AG06848, and AG09908

           Title: The nucleoplasmic interactions among Lamin A/C-pRB-LAP2α-E2F1 are modulated by dexamethasone

           Samples UsedAG09429

           Title: Human WRN is an intrinsic inhibitor of progerin, abnormal splicing product of lamin A

           Samples UsedAG09603 and AG05229

           Title: Macrophage Plasticity and Function in the Lung Tumour Microenvironment Revealed in 3D Heterotypic Spheroid and Explant Models

           Samples UsedAG02603

           Title: G-quadruplexes originating from evolutionary conserved L1 elements interfere with neuronal gene expression in Alzheimer’s disease

           Samples UsedAG04152, AG09602, AG08243, and AG08259

           Title: Statins as a Therapeutic Approach for the Treatment of Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum Patients: Evaluation of the Spectrum Efficacy of Atorvastatin In Vitro

           Samples Used: AG13145, AG11482, and AG14284

           Title: Mitovesicles are a novel population of extracellular vesicles of mitochondrial origin altered in Down syndrome

           Samples UsedAG07095

           Title: A small-molecule ICMT inhibitor delays senescence of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome cells

           Samples Used: GM01972, AG03513, AG03258, and AG03512

           Title: Fibroblasts from idiopathic Parkinson’s disease exhibit deficiency of lysosomal glucocerebrosidase activity associated with reduced levels of the trafficking receptor LIMP2

           Samples Used: AG11743, AG06959, AG04061, AG13220, AG04355, AG11489, AG07141, AG05265, AG06010, AG06241, AG06281, AG20439, and AG20445

           Title: Might Fibroblasts from Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease Reflect the Brain Pathology? A Focus on the Increased Phosphorylation of Amyloid Precursor Protein Tyr682 Residue

           Samples Used: AG07865, AG07871, AG08379, AG08517, AG08509, AG08125, AG07936, AG07928, AG08658, AG06846, AG08110, AG08563, AG08245, AG08064, AG08523, AG06840, AG07872, AG06848, AG04400, AG04401, AG06869, AG06844, AG10788, AG04402, AG20446, AG20442, AG08527, and AG04159

           Title: Progerinin, an optimized progerin-lamin A binding inhibitor, ameliorates premature senescence phenotypes of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome

           Samples UsedAG03198AG11513AG11498AG03199, and AG00038


           Title: Establishment human induced pluripotent stem cell line from idiopathic non-familial Parkinson’s disease patient using self-replicating RNA vector

           Samples UsedAG20442

           Title: Centrosome and ciliary abnormalities in fetal akinesia deformation sequence human fibroblasts

           Samples UsedAG05965 and AG01972

           Title: SAMMY-seq reveals early alteration of heterochromatin and deregulation of bivalent genes in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome

           Samples UsedAG08498 and AG07095

           Title: Exploring the potential of chitosan-based particles as delivery-carriers for promising antimicrobial glycolipid biosurfactants

           Samples UsedAG22719

           Title: Prolonged Glucocorticoid Exposure Does Not Accelerate Telomere Shortening in Cultured Human Fibroblasts

           Samples UsedI90-83

           Title: LSH mediates gene repression through macroH2A deposition

           Samples Used: AG06814

           Title: Large-Scale Topological Changes Restrain Malignant Progression in Colorectal Cancer

           Samples UsedAG06814

           Title: Oxidative cross-linking of fibronectin confers protease resistance and inhibits cellular migration

           Samples Used: I90

           Title: Modeling Human Cytomegalovirus-Induced Microcephaly in Human iPSC-Derived Brain Organoids

           Samples UsedAG14048 and I90-10

           Title: Lowered Cyclin E levels increase the efficiency and the specificity of capsaicin against

cancerous cells of mesothelium

           Samples Used: AG07086

           PDF available: here

           Title: Generation of human control iPSC line CHOPi004-A from juvenile foreskin fibroblast cells 

           Samples UsedAG07095

           Title: A method for differentiating human induced pluripotent stem cells toward functional cardiomyocytes in 96-well microplates

           Samples UsedAG05836

           Title: ESCRT-III controls nuclear envelope deformation induced by progerin

           Samples UsedAG03512 and AG11513

           Title: WRN modulates mRNA translation by influencing mRNA export from the nucleus through its interaction with the export receptor NXF1 in HeLa cancer cell

           Samples UsedAG06814

           Title: PAI-1-Dependent Inactivation of SMAD4-Modulated Junction and Adhesion Complex in Obese Endometrial Cancer

           Samples UsedAG17870

           Title: PICALM Rescues Endocytic Defects Caused by the Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Factor APOE4 

           Samples UsedAG07086

           Title: Ascites-induced compression alters the peritoneal microenvironment and promotes metastatic success in ovarian cancer 

           Samples UsedAG07086

           Title: Vulnerability of progeroid smooth muscle cells to biomechanical forces is mediated by MMP13 

           Samples UsedAG01972 and AG06917

           Title: Nucleolar disruption, activation of P53 and premature senescence in POLR3A-mutated Wiedemann-Rautenstrauch syndrome fibroblasts

           Samples UsedAG01972

           Title: Lamin A‐mediated nuclear lamina integrity is required for proper ciliogenesis 

           Samples UsedAG01972, AG08466AG11513AG06297AG06917AG03512, and AG03257

           Title: Biological Aging Modulates Cell Migration via Lamin A/C-Dependent Nuclear Motion

           Samples UsedAG09558 and AG09602

           Title: Highly accurate skin-specific methylome analysis algorithm as a platform to screen and validate therapeutics for healthy aging

           Samples UsedAG08434 and AG11725

           Title: Novel resveratrol derivatives have diverse effects on the survival, proliferation and senescence of primary human fibroblasts

           Samples UsedAG05965

           Title: Apolipoprotein D-mediated preservation of lysosomal function promotes cell survival and delays motor impairment in Niemann-Pick type A disease

           Samples UsedAG07323

           Title: Lysosome Associated Protein Transmembrane 4B (LAPTM4B)-24 is the predominant protein isoform in human tissues and undergoes rapid, nutrient-regulated turnover 

           Samples UsedAG08498

           Title: Cytoskeleton stiffness regulates cellular senescence and innate immune response in Hutchinson–Gilford Progeria Syndrome

           Samples UsedAG03513, AG06917,AG08466, AG08468, AG08469,  and AG08470

           Title: Fully Phased Sequence of a Diploid Human Genome Determined de Novo from the DNA of a Single Individual 

           Samples UsedAG06814

           Title: Generation of human induced pluripotent stem cell line from Alzheimer’s disease patient with PSEN2 N141I mutation using integration-free non-viral method

           Samples UsedAG09908

           Title: Reacquisition of a spindle cell shape does not lead to the restoration of a youthful state in senescent human skin fibroblasts

           Samples Used: AG05397

           Title: Reacquisition of a spindle cell shape does not lead to the restoration of a youthful state in senescent human skin fibroblasts 

           Samples UsedAG16086, AG06240, AG13152, AG13222, AG11572, AG06917, AG07493, and AG10677

           Title: Reacquisition of a spindle cell shape does not lead to the restoration of a youthful state in senescent human skin fibroblasts

           Samples UsedAG01523

           Title: Repetitive elements as a transcriptomic marker of aging: Evidence in multiple datasets and models

           Samples UsedAG09843 and AG11748

           Title: Pathogenic variants in EP300 and ANKRD11 in patients with phenotypes overlapping Cornelia de Lange syndrome

           Samples UsedAG09393 and AG14730

           Title: Naked mole-rat very-high-molecular-mass hyaluronan exhibits superior cytoprotective properties

           Samples UsedI90-78

           Title: Restoration of lysosomal function after damage is accompanied by recycling of lysosomal membrane proteins

           Samples Used: AG01518

           Title: BCL-xL/BCL2L1 is a critical anti-apoptotic protein that promotes the survival of differentiating pancreatic cells from human pluripotent stem cells

           Samples UsedAG16102

           Title: Impaired Myofibroblast Dedifferentiation Contributes to Non-Resolving Fibrosis in Aging 

           Samples UsedI90-83 and I90-53

           Title: Bioprospecting Sponge-Associated Marine Cyanobacteria to Produce Bioactive Compounds

           Samples UsedAG01523

           Title: Hydrogen Peroxide Mediates Artemisinin-Derived C-16 Carba-Dimer-Induced Toxicity of Human Cancer Cells

           Samples UsedAG01522

           Title: Unraveling LMNA Mutations in Metabolic Syndrome: Cellular Phenotype and Clinical Pitfalls

           Samples UsedAG07095 and AG09309

           Title: Human-Induced Neurons from Presenilin 1 Mutant Patients Model Aspects of Alzheimer's Disease Pathology

           Samples Used: AG09429, AG02262, AG08711, AG08270, and AG08446

           Title: Cancer cell-intrinsic function of CD177 in attenuating β-catenin signaling

           Samples UsedAG11132

           Title: Defective Mitochondrial Pyruvate Flux Affects Cell Bioenergetics in Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Models

           Samples Used: AG09908, AG08525, AG08269, and AG09173

           Title: Hyaluronidase-2 Regulates RhoA Signalling, Myofibroblast Contractility and other Key Pro-fibrotic Myofibroblast Functions

           Samples UsedAG02262

           Title: Persistent DNA damage triggers activation of the integrated stress response to promote cell survival under nutrient restriction

           Samples Used: AG09319 and AG16409

           Title: Activin A-Mediated Regulation of XT-I in Human Skin Fibroblasts

           Samples Used: AG14284 and AG13145

           Title: PRMT5 silencing selectively affects MTAP-deleted mesothelioma: In vitro evidence of a novel promising approach

           Samples UsedAG07086

           Title: Genetic correction of Werner syndrome gene reveals impaired pro-angiogenic function and HGF insufficiency in mesenchymal stem cells

           Samples UsedAG00780

           Title: Dysregulation of the retromer complex system in Down syndrome

           Samples Used: AG04823 and AG08498

           Title: Venereal Transmission of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus by Culicoides sonorensis Midges

           Samples UsedAG08113

           Title: Novel and prevalent non-East Asian ALDH2 variants; Implications for global susceptibility to aldehydes’ toxicity

           Samples UsedAG07123


           Title: A nuclear lamina‐chromatin‐Ran GTPase axis modulates nuclear import and DNA damage signaling

           Samples UsedAG01972, AG11498, AG03199 and  AG08469

           Title: Predicting age from the transcriptome of human dermal fibroblasts

           Samples UsedAG08498, AG13153, AG12207, AG13234, AG14251, AG12587, AG13144AG16102AG13967AG16358AG04386AG13066AG04457AG04063, AG05413, AG16409AG11745AG04661AG11698AG05274AG13244, AG06276, AG11484, AG11725, AG11162AG11730, AG11556, AG11744, AG12954, AG12947AG11154, AG04143, AG12989, AG09843AG13962, AG11748, AG12493, AG13349, AG12602, AG04662, AG05247, AG05248AG10884AG11732, AG11017, AG11808, AG09975, AG13225, AG04065, AG11735, AG11357, AG06308AG12597AG13129, AG07124, AG12588, AG13208, AG09860, AG13065, AG06291, AG04461AG12788, AG09559, AG07725AG04054, AG12599, AG04064, AG07478, AG13018AG09602AG16086, AG08433AG09599, AG04059 and AG09605

           Title: ATM activation is impaired in human cells defective in RecQL4 helicase activity

           Samples UsedAG17524

           Title: Frenolicin B Targets Peroxiredoxin 1 and Glutaredoxin 3 to Trigger ROS/4E-BP1-Mediated Antitumor Effects

           Samples UsedI91L-16 and  AG06173

           Title: A disease causing ATLASTIN 3 mutation affects multiple endoplasmic reticulum-related pathways

           Samples UsedAG13334 and  AG04151

           Title: Autophagic cell death restricts chromosomal instability during replicative crisis

           Samples UsedAG06814-N

           Title: Fibrin-Targeted Polymerized Shell Microbubbles as Potential Theranostic Agents for Surgical Adhesions

           Samples UsedAG07086

           Title: REST and Neural Gene Network Dysregulation in iPSC Models of Alzheimer’s Disease

           Samples UsedAG04455, AG08125, AG08379, AG08509, AG14244, AG09173, AG06869AG07376AG21158,

           AG08243 and  AG10788

           Title: Extranuclear DNA accumulates in aged cells and contributes to senescence and inflammation

           Samples UsedAG04392, AG04433, AG04525, AG06555, AG02496, AG03058, AG04405AG10578, AG11513,

           AG03513 and AG00989

           Title: Chromosome alignment maintenance requires the MAP RECQL4, mutated in the Rothmund–Thomson


           Samples UsedAG05013 and  AG18371

           Title: Corticosteroids inhibit Mycobacterium tuberculosis-induced necrotic host cell death by abrogating

           mitochondrial membrane permeability transition

           Samples UsedAG05965

           Title: Familial Alzheimer’s disease-linked presenilin mutants and intracellular Ca2+ handling: A single-organelle,

           FRET-based analysis

           Samples Used: AG09908, AG08525, AG06840 and  AG08539

           Title: Progerin accelerates atherosclerosis by inducing endoplasmic reticulum stress in vascular smooth muscle


           Samples UsedAG06297

           Title: Analysis of somatic mutations identifies signs of selection during the in vitro aging of primary dermal


           Samples UsedAG13077, AG08433, AG10579 and  AG07091

           Title: A pleiotropic role for exosomes loaded with the amyloid β precursor protein carboxyl-terminal fragments in

           in the brain of Down syndrome patients

           Samples Used: AG06922 and  AG07095

           Title: mTOR hyperactivation in Down Syndrome underlies deficits in autophagy induction, autophagosome

           formation, and mitophagy

           Samples UsedAG06922, AG07095, AG07096 and  AG04823


           Title: Sp1 phosphorylation by ATM downregulates BER and promotes cell elimination in response to persistent

           DNA damage

           Samples Used: AG06173

           Title: Everolimus rescues multiple cellular defects in laminopathy-patient fibroblasts

           Samples UsedAG04110

           Title: SCAMP4 enhances the senescent cell secretome

           Samples UsedAG04110

           Title: Meganuclease targeting of PCSK9 in macaque liver leads to stable reduction in serum cholesterol

           Samples UsedAG07095

           Title: Disease-associated short tandem repeats co-localize with chromatin domain boundaries

           Samples UsedAG06103

           Title: Landscape of the complete RNA chemical modifications in the human 80S ribosome

           Samples UsedAG04645 and AG03738

           Title: Replication stress shapes a protective chromatin environment across fragile genomic regions

           Samples Used: I90-15

           Title: Merkel cell polyomavirus infection of animal dermal fibroblasts

           Samples Used: AG05308, AG05356, and AG06116

           Title: LONGO: an R package for interactive gene length dependent analysis for neuronal identity

           Samples UsedAG04148

           Title: Increased MMP activity in curved geometries disrupts the endothelial cell glycocalyx creating a

           proinflammatory environment

           Samples UsedAG09799