Mission and Organization

The Age-Related Eye Disease Study was designed to learn about macular degeneration and cataract, two leading causes of vision loss in older adults. The study looked at how these two diseases progress and what their causes may be. In addition, the study tested certain vitamins and minerals to find out if they can help to prevent or slow these diseases. Participants in the study did not have to have either disease. (Enrollment was completed in January 1998.) Eleven medical centers in the United States took part in the study, and more than 4,700 people across the country were enrolled in AREDS. The study was supported by the National Eye Institute, part of the Federal government's National Institutes of Health. The clinical trial portion of the study also received support from Bausch & Lomb Pharmaceuticals and was completed in October 2001. Learn about the results of the clinical trial on the National Eye Institute's website: http://www.nei.nih.gov/amd/.

Organization and Contact Information

Matthew W. Mitchell, PhD
email: mmitchell@coriell.org
phone: 856-412-6999

Alice K. Henning, MS
Director of AREDS Genetic Ancillary Studies, AREDS Coordinating Center
The EMMES Corporation
email: ahenning@emmes.com
Phone: 301-251-1161 X168

Abby Amberson - Project Manager
email: aamberson@coriell.org
phone: 856-966-5062

General inquiries
email: CCR@coriell.org
phone: 856-757-3805