Data Available in dbGaP

Data from AREDS is publicly available in the Database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP).

The AREDS phenotype data has 2 groups of data tables:

  • Project Data Tables (11 tables): 
    • Data from all participants enrolled in AREDS (4,757) are included.
    • All phenotype variables are included.
    • ID number is used as the subject identifier.
  • Phenotype Data Tables (2 tables): 
    • Only data from participants with a genetic specimen (3,700+) are included.
    • Only a subset of the phenotype variables available in the Project Data Tables are included.
    • ID2 number is used as the subject identifier.

A detailed User’s Guide  for the AREDS phenotype data in the dbGaP is also available. This User's Guide is meant to be a comprehensive document which explains the complexities of the AREDS data. It is recommended that all researchers using the AREDS phenotype data make use of this User's Guide.

Genetic samples from 600 AREDS participants (200 controls, 200 Neovascular AMD cases, and 200 Geographic Atrophy cases) were selected using data available in March 2005 and then were genotyped using the Illumina 100K and the Affymetrix 100K gene chips. These genotype data are available in the dbGaP.  It should be noted that since AREDS was ongoing at the time these 600 participants were selected, additional photo data later became available such that the final AMD phenotypechanged for some participants.

Each data table in the dbGaP is divided into 2 consent groups:

  • General Research Use (GRU):  
    • For these subjects, the ID2 number is the same as the ID number.
    • This allows the genotype data to be linked to all phenotype data in the Project Data Tables.
  • Eye Disease Research Only (EDO):
    • For these subjects, the ID2 number is NOT the same as the ID number. The ID2 number is a 4-digit code that begins with the letter ‘G’.
    • This means that only the phenotype data available in the Phenotype Data Tables can be linked to the genotype data.

Submitting Genotype Data Obtained from AREDS DNA to the dbGaP

In order to enhance the value of the dbGaP to the scientific research community, researchers who genotype AREDS DNA are encouraged to submit their data to the dbGaP once their results have been published. For information about how to submit these data to the dbGaP, please contact:

Michael Feolo, PhD 
National Center for Biotechnology Information 
Phone: (301) 402-2874