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Submission Process

Physicians or Patients wishing to submit cell samples for the Repository collection should first contact Coriell to arrange for the Repository to send them the correct sample collection tubes as well as prepaid mailers for returning the collected sample(s) to Coriell.

Separate collection and shipping procedures may be involved depending on how many samples are to be shipped at one time and whether the shipment will involve freshly obtained blood or already established cell lines.

Please contact Coriell prior to sending the samples so that she can advise on how to submit the samples. At this time, Physicians or Patients wishing to submit cell samples will be provided with a USIDNET identifier to be used for your material.

Shipment Information

At the time the shipping containers are sent to the requesting Physician, Coriell will also supply a unique identification number for each patient’s samples to be submitted to the Repository. The Submitting physician must complete the "USIDNET Sample Submission Form" for each patient sample to be included in the Repository Collection â€" and include this unique identifying number on that FORM. Portions of this submitted information will be included in the catalog description of the individual sample.

The Repository will not accept samples that contain the patient's name or other specific identifying information â€" only those carrying the unique identification number assigned by Coriell to that sample. The submitting physician may wish to keep that unique identifying number in the patient’s medical records for future reference â€" but the USIDNET DNA and Cell Repository will not have information in its records to allow it to directly identify or contact the patient anytime in the future, even if the patient has indicated interest in being kept informed of results of any testing done on their submitted sample. All potential communications concerning submitted materials will be carried out through the submitting physician using the assigned unique identifying number.

Generally it is required that patients sign an "Informed Consent" document indicating their willingness to participate in this program and that they understand its purpose and potential consequences to them. Most academic institutions have “Institutional Review Boards” (IRBs) that review and approve such informed consent documents. The Coriell Cell Repositories have established their own IRB to review operations of the various Repositories operated by Coriell and the USIDNET Repository falls under their review as well. To assist physicians who do not have a local IRB, the USIDNET Repository has prepared Informed Consent documents approved by the Coriell IRB that can be used if needed. These documents are designed to be used with the "Sample Submission Form" so that the patient can indicate whether they are interested in maintaining potential contact with the Repository through their submitting physicians or if they prefer eliminating any potential for future communications with the Repository.

Informed Consents

Existing cell lines obtained from individuals who are now deceased do not require IRB approval or an informed consent document to be submitted to the Repository. The Repository requests that each submitted sample be accompanied by an unsigned de-identified copy to the “Informed Consent” document that was signed by the patient.

Prior to sample collection, the Submitting Physician should contact Ms. Barbara Frederick at Coriell to schedule shipment so that the materials arrive on a day when someone will be available to process them immediately.

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