Mission and Organization

The USIDNET DNA and Cell Repository has been established as part of an NIH-funded program – the US Immunodeficiency Network (www.usidnet.org) – to provide a resource of DNA and functional lymphoid cells obtained from patients with various primary immunodeficiency diseases. These uncommon disorders include patients with defects in T cell, B cell and/or granulocyte function, as well as patients with abnormalities in antibodies/immunoglobulins, complement and other host defense mechanisms.

All samples in this Repository have been de-identified to protect the privacy of the individual donors. The USIDNET also operates a Patient Data Registry in addition to this Repository, and certain clinical data relating to a specific sample may be available through the Registry for some of the patient samples.

Contact Information 
Email: customerservice@coriell.org 
Phone: (800) 752-3805 (US)
(856) 757-4848 (World)

General Inquiries 
Email: USIDNET@coriell.org 
Phone: (856) 752-3805