Mission and Organization

Mission and Organization

The human DNA sample provided is that of J. Craig Venter whose DNA from white blood cells and sperm was sequenced using Sanger chemistry (ABI Capillary Electrophoresis Platforms 3700 and 3730xl), assembled using the Celera Assembler, and was published in PLoS Biology. J. Craig Venter, born on 14 October 1946, is a Caucasian male of self-reported European-American ancestry.

The data available on this sample, whose genome assembly is referred to as HuRef, includes:

Additional data from this study can be found at this ftp site  and include:

  • Full set of Sanger reads used for genome assembly
  • SNP and insertion/deletion variant on the human genome sequence coordinates (NCBI version 36)
  • Affymetrix 500K GeneChip data
  • Illumina HumanHap650Y Genotyping BeadChip data

Given the amount of publicly available data, the genomic content of the HuRef sample will be useful as a reference for genetic studies.