Mission and Organization

Removing resource barriers for researchers investigating Huntington’s disease

Working together with the Coriell Institute for Medical Research, CHDI Foundation (www.chdifoundation.org) has established a secure, centralized repository to store and distribute quality-controlled and reliable research reagents to give research scientists unobstructed access to biomaterials and to support the discovery of therapeutics that will slow or prevent Huntington’s disease.

Huntington’s disease is a fatal, familial disease caused by a mutation in the huntingtin gene. The mutation causes brain cells to malfunction, resulting in cognitive and physical impairments that, over the course of the disease, isolate and constrain the individual. There is currently no way to stop or reverse the course of Huntington’s disease.

The HD Community BioRepository provides access to huntingtin DNAs, polyclonal antibodies (with antigenic peptides) and cell lines. Monoclonal antibodies and hybridomas and additional reagents will be added when they become available.

Researchers currently not collaborating with CHDI Foundation may request these Huntington’s disease resources from the HD Community BioRepository through the website; CHDI collaborators are asked to contact Mithra Mahmoudi at CHDI Management. Materials will be sent after completing a simple online MTA. Recipients are asked to cover the costs of shipping and handling.

Persons with Huntington’s disease bioresources interested in making them available to the research community through the HD Community BioRepository should also contact CHDI Management.

About CHDI Foundation, Inc.

CHDI Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting an international network of research laboratories from academia and industry pursuing novel ways to treat Huntington’s disease with drugs. Its virtual pharma approach is designed to bring the right collaborators together to identify and address critical scientific issues and move drug candidates to clinical evaluation as quickly as possible.

About CHDI Management, Inc.

CHDI Management provides management services to CHDI Foundation from offices in New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; and Princeton, NJ. CHDI Management has a staff of science and other professionals who manage a worldwide network of researchers working to find treatments for HD. Please contact Simon Noble, PhD at simon.noble@chdifoundation.org for more information about CHDI.

Organization and Contact Information

CHDI Foundation, Inc. 

Mithra Mahmoudi, MS - Biological Repositories Manager 
CHDI Management / CHDI Foundation 
Email: mithra.mahmoudi@chdifoundation.org 
Phone: (310) 342-5505


Email: customerservice@coriell.org  
Phone: (800) 752-3805

Coriell Staff 

Adam Green - Project Manager
Email: agreen@coriell.org

General Inquiries

Email: CHDI@coriell.org  
Phone: (800) 752-3805