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The mission of the Stem Cell Biobank (SCB) at the Coriell Institute for Medical Research is to provide scientists with the opportunity to bank their pluripotent stem cell lines at the SCB, and to develop in-house induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines for distribution to researchers. Established in 2008, the SCB has developed core capabilities to maintain, characterize, bank, and distribute important stem cell resources.

The SCB performs extensive identification and characterization testing for all submitted human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) and mouse embryonic stem cell (mES) lines. The identification and quality control measures include karyotype analysis, microsatellite analysis for parental cell line identity matching, sterility testing, and assessment of viability after cryopreservation.

Pluripotency characterizations performed by SCB vary depending upon the distributing repository.

  • Surface antigen expression
  • Embryoid body formation
  • Pluritest Gene Expression assay
  • Surface antigen expression
  • Embryoid body formation
  • Surface antigen expression
  • Embryoid body formation
  • Transgene induction

Each characterized human iPSC line and mES line released for distribution is provided with a Certificate of Analysis, which includes information regarding characterization and quality of the line, images and links to original publications.

The human iPSCs distributed by Coriell are strictly for research purposes and cannot be used in human subjects. All terms described in the Material Transfer Agreement (NIGMS and NINDS Repositories) or Assurance Form (NIA Repository) for the stem cell line must be agreed to prior to using stem cell lines from Coriell.

Investigators must be aware that stem cells require special media and handling. All stem cell lines are shipped frozen on dry ice. Investigators interested in obtaining these lines are encouraged to review the culture protocols and FAQs for freeze recovery, passaging, and cryopreservation information before placing their order. Investigators who are unfamiliar with stem cell culturing methods are encouraged to explore hands-on stem cell training courses courses supported by the NIH. Customers who have technical questions can email for further information.

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