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Description: NDPT067 VISP PLATE

Aliquot Size: 5 µg each

Sex: Males: 62 Females: 32

Brief Description: Each of these 19 panels contain 5 micrograms of whole-genome-amplified DNA per well from 94 individuals with non-disabling cerebral infarction. Each sample has been normalized to 150 ng/ul. Two wells remain empty on each 96-well plate for orientation and for placement of laboratory controls. Control panels are also available, as well as additional cerebrovascular disease samples.

Data collected on the subjects corresponding to these samples consist of the VISP Clinical Data, including 11 medical forms and questionnaires, as well as longitudinal data. These data are available as an excel file. Inclusion/Exclusion criteria for the VISP study are documented.

All samples and data were collected with informed consent under local IRB-approved protocols. These samples are generously shared by Dr. James Toole.
Clinical Data: An Excel file with all clinical data is available for download.
Plate Layout: The specific position on the plates has been optimized to reduce any possible errors in sample identity during the genotyping process.

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