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  6. Shipment of DNA samples
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DNA samples are distributed only to qualified professional persons who are associated with recognized research, medical, educational, or industrial organizations engaged in health-related research or health delivery. There are two requirements for ordering biomaterials from The CDC DNA Repository at Coriell to ensure compliance with the Office for Protection from Research Risks (OPHR), Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) regulations for the protection of human subjects (45 CFR Part 46).

  1. A STATEMENT OF RESEARCH INTENT with a description of the research to be done with the DNA samples must be provided to the Repository.
  2. An ASSURANCE FORM detailing the terms and conditions of sale must be signed by the principal investigator and the institutional official who can make legal commitments on behalf of the institution.
Each order placed with the Repository must be accompanied by both the Assurance Form and the Statement of Research Intent. These forms are available electronically or may be obtained by contacting the Repository.


Before requests for DNA samples can be processed, the required documentation described above must be reviewed and approved by the Repository. Approved requests for DNA samples must be submitted on institutional purchase order forms and include purchase order numbers, the name of the principal investigator who will use the DNA samples, the CDC Repository catalog numbers, the description for each item requested and complete shipping and billing addresses. Alternatively, one may complete the ORDER FORM provided and fax or mail it to the Repositories.


All purchase orders should be addressed to:

Coriell Cell Repositories
403 Haddon Avenue
Camden, New Jersey 08103
Telephone: 800-752-3805 in the USA
856-757-4848 from other countries


The fee for a 10 µg sample of DNA isolated from a lymphoblastoid cell cultures is $100.


Shipping charges vary depending upon the mode of shipment requested by the purchaser. Domestic shipments are usually made via Federal Express with a guaranteed second day delivery.


DNA Samples

DNA samples are recovered from storage at -70C and shipped on Mondays and Wednesdays at ambient temperature. Recipients should centrifuge the vials prior to opening. Continued storage at -70C is recommended to maintain the integrity of the DNA.

DNA Quality Control

All DNA samples prepared by the Repository are characterized for the following:

  1. OD260 /OD280 ratio,
  2. protein concentration, and
  3. agarose gel electrophoresis to confirm the integrity and digestibility with Eco R1 and Hind III.
  4. microsatellite analysis to confirm identity
Feedback from DNA recipients including utilization surveys and publications citing the use of Repository DNA samples have also been reviewed for this purpose.


Each shipment includes a packing slip and a listing of DNA concentrations. Specific details for each DNA sample and pertinent reference citations (if available) can be printed from the Coriell Web Catalog at ( Search the catalog by using the catalog number.


The Repository requests that the Repository number be cited in publications in which DNA samples from the CDC DNA Repository are used. The Repository would also appreciate receiving a reprint of each publication that references a Repository DNA sample.

Our mission is to prevent and cure disease through biomedical research.


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